Library not synching right with folders on harddrive

In Audirvana I still have problems when there is filling of the library. My albums are on a harddrive in directories (folders) for instance “ muziek” of “ Muziek from piet”
When i assign that diretory to Audirvana he is synching that directory but its is notgoing right, Audirvana mess up the directories or dont put them in the library at all.
Very frustrating

I have removed the complete library of Audirvana and read everything back in for several times but still the same problem. Its frustrating because i cant find my albums anymore and have to manually correct the items in the database such as artistname and so on.

(I have delete the file AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite2 (remarkable that you still name this version2 while Audirvana is now version 3
I have done a complete blank and new installation of version 3 with license)

Audirvana 3.5 defaults to ‘AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite’. Are you running some older version? On 3.5.x, we’re having problems with duplicate tracks appearing in the database.

In general, database versions are independent of application versions. It makes sense to rename SQLite databases only when their structure is altered in a way which makes them irreversibly incompatible with previous application versions.

Thanks\Yes i am running to that version of database V2 sqlite. In the earlier version the problem was also there, I Have mentioned it al very lot to Audirvana but it has never be solved. I only still use Audirvana purely for the good sound, the interface (not working with arrowkeys to navigate) the Library (not filling it correct) the handling of the same albums but with different sample rates witch Audirvana merges together; That all is very frustating to use it. So i’m thinking of going to use an other programs for my Musicplaying (i know a free one witch handles al of these things properly)

Same problem here: not possible to load new files. (does syncing work?)
Very annoying.

And Audirkoos, wich problem do you mean in your message of Jan 25th
(i know a free one witch handles al of these things properly)


P.S. Sorry for poor English

Audirkoos, ‘wich problem…’ must be read as ‘wich programm…’

Hierbij rechtgezet.


Dank je Frans
Indeed i have to sybch everytime by hand,only the folder where the albums are added to.

I am going to use Kodi, read and play everyting right,(only not iso), can scroll with keycontrols. Searchable in a way handy AND presenting ALL found. then (Audirvama “ forgets” so now and then a amount of . \Kodi is free
runs on every platform

The current interface of Audirvana is probably made by a engenier with a very big touchscreen. Not suitable or fine to work with with a normal Macbook of Pro with a 13 or 15 inch screen that has no touch possibility

Audirkoos, I feel free to ask you, because " the other side" does not answer my question…
Do you know how to load new albums?
I am using a iMac mini
Trying to load, the window in “verkenner” stays untickable GREY.
Anny suggestion?

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Would an older version (2.8 i.e.) of Audirvana solve the problem of not loading the library with new albums?

I have Audirvana qiuet a while and this problem also was around. Also the merge of albums (with different sample rate which i want to compare) were merged to one albums. Also not reading the folder/albums complete so the folder that was “ made’ by Audirvana was missing (much)tracks. As i said before Audirvana is sounding very good the handling of library and other thing (interface manoeuvre) are still a mess

Hello EIF
I put them in the folder that should synch everytime i start Audirvana. I also seethat Audirvana doesnot do that good everytime so i manually do it in settings. (Wheel button right up in startwindow, library) you see the folders here with your music(folder) that you connected to Audirvana click on synch and itwill start

The synching is a process with takes al lot of time everyime you start Audirvana. I have not found how i can not-synch some locations automaticley while i dont pit new alnums in that. But when you have giving Audirvana ons a location it automaticly keep on synching everytime i start. A wast of time. At my Macbook (i7) it takes 5 - 7 ,minutes every startup

Big text, but fast doing it…

Start fresh Audirvana by deleting those files…

If you have Playlists that are important export them first to desktop and save them in a folder… when Audirvana is reset, you can re-import them back in one shot. sadly to this day, the folders they were in if so, are not back, you have to do them again…

Before doing this, maybe you should not connect after deleting those files to Roon, Tidal or others… Install Audirvana alone with your database… if working, log to Roon or else after.

Apple hide the Home Folder in User Library at some time depending on OS System…
When you have clicked your Home Folder, and cannot see the Library Folder in there,
just do a ‘‘cmd J’’ to show the folder settings preferences and see at the bottom…
click Show Library Folder and then you’ll have access to the rest forever.

Starting for new Audirvana:
Close Audirvana

Go to the Main Library Folder… PrivilegedHelperTools folder…
Trash All the files in that folder from Audirvana (that folder install SysOptimizer)
Go to the Main Library Folder… LaunchDaemons Folder…
Trash All the files in that folder from Audirvana (SystemOptimizer and prefs files)
Go to User… Home Folder… Library… Applications Support… Audirvana Folder…
Trash All the files in that folder (that is your database of music, back it up! or not)
Go to User… Home Folder… Library… Cookies…
Trash com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus.binarycookies
Go to User… Home Folder… Library… Preferences…
trash com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus.plist and com.audirvana.Audirvana.plist in that folder
(those are A+ software preferences)
Go to User… Home Folder… Library… Caches… com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus
trash the files in that folder

Restart MAC.

This will reset pretty much Audirvana like new. You will need you serial number.

Open Audirvana, enter serial, choose a library folder at first it will sync in top middle of main window… LET IT GO, even better don’t try to adjust windows or edit files, even playing music while it is not finished… you’ll see the progress bar going… Could be long the first time depending on how large your library is, and MAC is fast or not… go to sleep if it is too long :slight_smile:

Then when finished, shut down Audirvana, yes close it before playing a song… That way you will have your database from stratch saved without crashing. Then copy the .sqlite file to somewhere else as a backup, then open Audirvana, and try to play a song.

Stop the music, go to preferences menu and do the 3 steps of maintenance of database. Close Audirvana after the third one… recopy the .sqlite as for the latest backup of clean database.

Open Audirvana and edit the tags that are not like you want :slight_smile:

You got brand new interface and new sound…
Go to Audirvana menu and select preferences… look at them all.

Click on speaker icon in the bottom right main window… select your DAC,
then the arrow right of it and look at all the preferences there too…

Click library icon on top left, click cover if you prefer covers over tracks mode… cmd + or - will make them bigger or smaller… click a cover to see it songs… do cmd i to see the info panel of that album, click a song and select them all with cmd A and do cmd i to see all their infos to be edited by you if needed… when you see the tracks you can add menus the the fields you see by right click menu bar and add any menu there you want (same for track view mode), you can also stretch each menu like long you want them or remove some you don’t need, depending how big your screen. Double click a song and listen, be happy :slight_smile:

I dont use playlists

Perfect then shorter time to do it :grinning:

you surely have a bug somewhere, because everyday i open Audirvana and Mac Mini and never it sync for nothing, then when i drop a new CD in my hard drive music folder it sync instantly in my recent added playlist, then i edit my tags for that album, music is playing at the same time, no bug… also everyday when i had changed something, i copy my perfect .sqlite just in case somewhere else :slight_smile:

Is it not easier to completely remove Audirvana and install a new version from the website , entering my serialnumber and build a complete new database?

Hello anybody know how i can see my license ?

Hello RunHomeSlow
Do you know if i can complete remove Audirvana (with App Cleaner) donwload Audirvana and install it again, put in my license and build a complete new database?
I also think that you are right that there is a bug in my version
I hope i get no problems with the license to put in again (it is still the same Macbook pro)
When i want to download en try version of Audirvana they ask for my account en want to push a second license dut that is nog what i want . I want to download a clear new version of Audirvana . Do you know how to do that?

Yes you can, you can deauthorize it before cleaning up also. You can just do the text i wrote up there also.