Library Problems (Windows)

I’ve just clicked on the folder icon, but the explorer opened to the documents folder not to the folder of the album.

Can you go in your library settings in Audirvana and click on SYNC next to your synced folder and search Black Ice in the search after doing this? Do you see one or more result?

  1. I synced manually.

  2. I have searched “Black Ice”

And the album is still in MP3?

Unfortunately yes.
Best wishes.

Can you check your database using the three commands in the Maintenance section of the preferences page?

Hello Damien3

I have already carried out the three maintenance options several times. Unfortunately no positive result.
What I noticed is; the third point: “Complete defragmentation of the database” has always appeared first when I start Audirvana for some time. (For a few seconds)
Audirvana has never done that before.

Best wishes.

thank you for the database, can you go to the folder AC-DC and do a screenshot of it? Can you also send us one of those FLAC file of Black Ice using the link we gave you for the database?

Hello Damien3

I uploaded a file.

Best wiches.

Okay, I added your file to Audirvana and could see it, can you try to add the specific folder of Black Ice (Remaster)?

Hello Damien3,

I started Audirvana; then I moved the folder (Black Ice) to another hard drive.
Then I manually searched the watched folder (D: \ Music) for changes.
Audirvana is still showing me Black Ice’s MP3 files.
Then I copied the moved folder back to D: \ Music. After that, I scanned the watched folder again for changes. MP3 files are also displayed.
Attached is a screenshot of the AC / DC folder with the modification date.

Can you open your playqueue in Audirvana and drag and drop a file from Black Ice (remaster)? Does Audirvana is able to see it?

Hello Damien3
I opened a play queue and then added the 1st song from Black Ice with the right mouse button with “add to playlist”. The song is added to the playlist. Playback ends with the 2nd song. (Yesterday’s Songs)

Not the song of the Album in Audirvana, the song directly from the folder Black Ice (Remaster). You need to grab the song and drop it in the play queue. It should be like this in the play queue:

Hello Damien,

Yes, it works. We are already one step further.
Is the bit rate display ok?

Thank you.

Okay, I made a test on my side and would like you to try it on your side, can you change your Sort criteria to have in first criteria for Album “Added Date” as descending order?

After doing it can you add the folder in the synced folder of Audirvana D:\Musik\AC-DC\Black Ice (Remaster)

Do you now see the album?

Hello Damien3,

Here I am again.
I made the change in the sort order to no avail. After switching to the library window, no change in the sorting could be seen.
Audirvana did not apply the change.
Back in the setting window, the change was no longer visible.
Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem with the settings.
For example: a new folder in the “watched folder” is not accepted.
Much is like “frozen solid”. I cannot create new playlists.
I cannot rename existing playlists.
When the program starts, I always come back to the same start screen (a playlist). When switching to the library, the same album art always appears, although other albums were open when I switched off Audirvana.

Best wishes.

I think your database have a problem, you should close Audirvana, export your playlist and remove your audirvana database. When you reopen Audirvana you should be able to add your synced folders and playlist.

Hello Damien3,

It’s mysterious, I’ve moved all the files in the database to another drive.
Audirvana works; starts again with the same picture; the same problems as before.
Would it be possible to fix the problems by reinstalling? I would completely uninstall Audirvana; then I would download the trial version, install it and activate it with my license code.

If you want to completely uninstall Audirvana you will have to remove the Audirvana database before installing it again.