Local Artist page - graphical glitch

In Audirvana Studio if you access an artist’s page from your local library and scroll all the way down, everything will keep resizing and moving around. It’s a seasickness situation.

Can you share some screenshot so we can try to reproduce the issue?

The best would be a video. Let me try to record my desktop and upload to YouTube.

Well, they promised us a new all singing and dancing Audirvana! :smile:

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Here’s a link to the video on YouTube:


Note that the last action I perform in the video is the scroll down. After that I no longer touch anything; just the screen keeps moving and resizing on its own.

Used to be fixed but it’s a problem again in 1.5.

Odd the only thing that resizes here while scrolling down is that Artist picture. The rest is not “swimming”. It’s the same here with 1.5.1 on both Mac and Windows.

I get the same thing (WIndows 10, Studio 1.5.1). Once this situation occurs, I cannot close Studio – I have to kill it with the task manager,

Problem still exists in Studio 1.5.6 (Windows version). It happens when you view an album and use the scoll bar to scroll down to the bottom of the page. It goes into a visual oscillation and the program becomes unresponsive.

Note that the Audirvana Community forum does not permit the upload of a video file.


@Antoine ?