Lyrics in Audirvana

I think that displaying lyrics is a great missing feature in Audirvana. Any concrete plans to develop this?


I would like to second Bernardo.
If may go further, I would suggest the lyrics could be displayed when in “reduced” mode, the one with the album cover.
In that mode, an arrow could allow to slide out to the right a panel displaying lyrics, if any present in the file of the currency played track.


Yeah. Lyrics would be awesome!

I agree. Would be especially great with the mini-player view, with the lyrics floating above the album art.

Tout a fait d’accord avec cette requête, j’ai beaucoup de paroles taguées avec MP3tag sur le tag UNSYNCEDLYRICS, ce serait vraiment un plus de pouvoir y accéder dans Audirvana sans avoir à passer par Genius ou autre… :+1:

Yes sure! It would be a fundamental improvement. Possibly also interfacing with QUICKLYRIC or similar app, maybe even on smartphones.