Lyrics in Audirvana

I think that displaying lyrics is a great missing feature in Audirvana. Any concrete plans to develop this?


I would like to second Bernardo.
If may go further, I would suggest the lyrics could be displayed when in “reduced” mode, the one with the album cover.
In that mode, an arrow could allow to slide out to the right a panel displaying lyrics, if any present in the file of the currently played track.


Yeah. Lyrics would be awesome!

I agree. Would be especially great with the mini-player view, with the lyrics floating above the album art.

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Tout a fait d’accord avec cette requête, j’ai beaucoup de paroles taguées avec MP3tag sur le tag UNSYNCEDLYRICS, ce serait vraiment un plus de pouvoir y accéder dans Audirvana sans avoir à passer par Genius ou autre… :+1:

Yes sure! It would be a fundamental improvement. Possibly also interfacing with QUICKLYRIC or similar app, maybe even on smartphones.

It would be nice feature if the interface gets lyrics integration.

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Well, yeah… Don’t you?

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Well hell yes………makes sure echo camera is closed

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Dear Audivarna’s Developers, I think now is the perfect time to implement lyrics support/syncing in Audirvana as in Roon/Tidal softwares!

What do you think guys?

I miss lyrics in Audirvana as well. Thatswhy I´m considering roon. Only problem is the price.

JRiver supports lyrics too

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There are a few some other players that display lyrics, but I won’t name them on the site of Audirvana.


Yes, lyrics would be nice BUT I still place Shuffle by Album at the top of my list of features needed.

Ambitious you are :wink:

The sorting within Audirvāna makes it a must. Too many times do I have to listen to all of my Puccini, etc. or Reference Recordings, etc. albums in my playlists. If Foobar can do it I am sure Audirvāna can bring their own take on it as well.

Every music player imaginable has support for reading the LYRICS tag. So it doesn’t need to be fancy, just add support for viewing lyrics on the tag editor screen.