M1 Silicon support Mac mini

Just ordered Apple’s new Mac Mini with M1 silicon. Does anyone know if a native Audirvana app will be forthcoming? Hoping Rosetta 2 will work until that time.

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Audirvana currently works on the Apple silicon Mac mini DTK that was shipped to developers in June under Rosetta 2.

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Thanks! That’s good news.

I’m also planning to buy a new Mac Mini solely for Audirvana to replace my 2012 MBP. Does anyone know if I can install the same usb driver I used on my old MBP to connect the Mac Mini to my Pioneer DSD usb DAC or does Pioneer need to create a new driver for the M1?

I have an 8gb ram, 8 core cpu/gpu 512gb M1 MacBook Air. Audirvana is working just fine for me via Rosetta 2.

Hi Derek,

the current Audirvana may work with Rosetta2 but it is not a perfect solution.
Native Apps for the Silicon Macs work much better, faster and smoother than Apps via Rosetta2.
So I think it will be a matter of time that Damien will launch a native Audirvana for Silicon Macs.
I think that SQ will then benefit as well.


Do you also use a USB DAC with your M1 that needs to have a driver installed (eg. to play dsd files)?