Mac os Ventura

I am asking Mac users, who uses Ventura, does Origin run on it without problems? Is it worth upgrading? It is very annoying that Monterey has a lot of problems, e.g. dictation is completely killed by Origin and many other small things. Thanks for the answers in advance

Using Audirvana Studio with Ventura 13.1 here, works perfectly :star_struck:. Better than perfect actually, for me it’s worth the yearly subscription (l also use Qobus & stream radio). All runs smoothly, even with playback of DSD 256, the highest resolution files l have.
I use the MacMini though purely for audio playback using AS, so it’s not bloated with software with “might” cause hiccups. I’m sure Origin is as stable as Studio :blush:

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thanks Doug

You’re welcome :grinning:! Once it’s up and running smoothly, Audirvana is sublime! Yes, I’m a fanboy but ALSO a music junkie. After wireless headphones, something l wished for years ago, this program (I’m trying to avoid using the “A” word here too often) suits all my music fantasies :joy:. MacMini via USB directly to my Devialet Expert Pro 440! Enjoy

Origin works well on Ventura! I am just starting out using it, though.

I wish there were a user manual or tutorial (beyond the initial start up guide); makes the learning curve challenging.

As I have learned, all the help required is there. It’s behind those little (i) symbols.
Takes some getting used to, at first I was not a fan of the UI, having used 3.5 for a long time, but now I’m used to it’s foibles, I rather like it.

Which is terribly annoying (at least in the case of MonteRey) that if I add a CD, it takes approx. It appears in the library after 2 minutes and 30 minutes. This is a terribly annoying bug. iTunes pulls it in right away, as well as roon. By the way, it works much faster with AIFF numbers. Moreover, I have a mbp m1 max 64gb, so it should be lightning fast

When i add a new album to my albums folder, origin recognises it instantly, then takes a few seconds to analyse it, done. Then I get Origin to set replay gain where necessary, but this happens in the background, so takes no time per se.

…and my library is only 8Tb and I didn’t give it 42Tb, because it still suffers

Origin on Ventura 13.2, Mac mini 2018, 20 gb memory, 8.2TB of music approx 51000 files.

When i add an album or 5 at the same time, it loads instantly, if i remove an album from my external hard drive it syncs it out instantly also.

Clicking sync manually in the preferences on my two external usb hard drives music folders, it starts instantly and only took at max 20 seconds to complete…

Have you tried the 4 library optimisations in the preferences? Might help.

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thanks, i am trying

i have never tried defragmentation and rebuilt option

Maybe after all done, restart mac and Origin and see…if it is better after or normal :grinning:, close Origin and copy your .sqlite database somewhere as a today good backup :grinning:

i have .sqlite and favourites in another saved folder, already.

i have done but it is nothing happened. same result : 1cd =4minutes

Where is your music folder?

6 thunderbolt 3 and 4 HDDs - 50TB

all those are plugged in your Mac always and are synced in Audirvana?
that is why it is surely long, always have to check every disc if a change occurred?

the automatic sync is switched off, but sometimes is syncing. I don’t know what to do, unfortunately, it is not the most logical of the AO. I don’t understand why rescanning when nothing happens / not added a new album… the biggest problem is i have to add more than 40TB music to AO, yet.

The iTunes was the most logical app, i hated roon. But Ao has the best sound.