macOS 13.2 affects Audirvana 3.5.5

after updating macOS Ventura from 13.1 to 13.2 on my iMac Audirvana 3.5.5 does no longer play any files under the condition that real-time control in audio units settings is enabled. With macOS 13.1 it did still work. Now it Audirvana does play only when real-time control is disabled.
Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone has a workaround for the problem?
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I received the initial warning that sysopt had not installed correctly. But 3.5 is playing well 24/96 Qobuz, green SysOpt indicator lit up. MacBook Pro M1 w/Ventura 13.2 looks good to me so far.

I use Studio but to check your issue I installed 3.5.50 under my old licence and can confirm it runs fine under 13.2 with real time control of audio units available and working. Can you give a little more information on what you are seeing with your system (error messages etc) and paste a debug info?

Unlike Offrode above I got no error message when turning on sysoptimizer, everything worked without a warning.

Hey @Djm1960 , yes I got a bit of a message on my already installed 3.5.5 I’m liking your other post and the idea to do a reinstall, hopefully that will solve it for OP

Only caveat to that is I tested real time control of audio plugins using the inbuilt Apple plug-ins. If he has installed third party plugins then he will need to reinstall them as well after removing the preference files to ensure re-registration.

Third party plugins are a bit hit and miss so he would need to make sure with the software provider to check they work under 13.2.

Myself I have always found the sound quality from Audirvana is brilliant so don’t use plugins.

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Good point, my fabfilter pro-Q3 is working fine in realtime currently. I only use it for my headphones amplifier.

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Great idea! Reinstallation of Audirvana 3.5 solved the problem. Thank you so much!

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Problem was with all sort of plugins when realtime control was enabled. It was solved now with reinstallation of Audirvana 3.5. Thank you for your proposal.

But there may be other reasons to do so: e.g. headphone equalisation or hearing impairness.

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