Mini Player Unresponsive

Mini-Player controls are unresponsive using iPad mini 3 in landscape mode. Progression bar and volume control do not scale to fit on screen.

Same on iPad Pro in landscape. The button like pause, next/previous track…not working.

In portrait it works…

Yep, same for me. I-pad Pro Landscape Orientation, Mini-Player basically useless. Agree, works in Portrait Orientation.

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@Antoine is this issue taken into account ?

Hello @organm , @Patatorz this issue has been reported at the launch of the Remote on iOS, we are working on it as we needed to launch the Android Remote before taking in account the bug on the landscape mode of iPad.

@Antoine has this been sorted yet? I cannot get pause to work in portrait or landscape on my iPad.

I also posted here with more detail but nobody has replied

@Damien or @Damien2 - looks like @antoine has not been online for a few days - can either of you assist with my problem with ios remote? Thanks.