Missing or greyed out sampling rates

Hello folks,

maybe stupid question but why PCM 1411.2 and 1536 sample rates are greyed out and DSD1024 is missing completely. I am using Audirvana Origin 2.0.0 on MacOS 13.0.1 on MacBook Pro 13 (2020 M1) with Denafrips Pontus II via USB.

Thank you for a hint.

Mac’s DSD at least can’t get there… pcm i don’t know.

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Here is a hint :wink:
Below the official specs from the official Denafrips site for the Pontius ||:

Specs - PONTUS | Denafrips

See the yellow marked section. Via USB PCM 1536 is not supported on Mac. Also DSD 1024 is not supported on Mac via USB.

Audirvana checks the DAC for the maximum available sample rates and grays out the non available sample rates.
In this case your Mac computer is the limiting factor. Such extreme high sample rates are (to my knowledge) only available on Windows computers with an ASIO driver.

In your case the available sample rates (PCM 768 and DSD 512) are already crazy high. Do you even want more?

I don’t care myself for those too much hires rates, but… the question is?

Why in 2022 Mac’s still can’t when PC’s can :grinning:

You will have to ask Tim Cook :wink: (But I doubt he is that technical :grinning:).
What I understand is that Mac only can do DoP and DoP is always half of the DAC’s maximum sample rate. The PCM reason I don’t know, but that seems a deliberate limitation in the Denafrips USB firmware for Macs (to stay compatible).

But who needs PCM 1536 anyway? That is more a theoretical/gimmicky number than a practical one. There are no sources available with that rate and there are also (as far as I know) no upsamplers capable of going that high.
Except for this Denafrips Pontius II I have never seen another DAC with these high numbers.

Thanks I missed that, but the problem is I do have the latest official firmware 3.12 as you can see on original post.

and no, I actually can live without those sample rates but still the questions remain. Is there something wrong in Denafrips driver, Audirvana or MacOS? Can I solve it? If not who can.

As far as I know MacOS can not do DSD 1024 natively. On my Windows PC Audirvana can do DSD 1024 through the ASIO driver, but also not through Windows natively (via DoP or WASAPI). This is not an Audirvana limitation, but hardware/OS limitations.

PCM 1536 is so absurdly high that I do not know of any gear (be it streamers or computers or source material) that can do this at all. This seems more like a sort theoretical maximum on the Denafrips than a realistic/practical one. Not many (if any) programs or devices can handle such rates.

The most logical way is to ask Denafrips for an explanation how (and with what music software) you can play PCM1536 and DSD1024 on a Mac computer on the Pontius II. They are after all claiming that it is possible.

As i already said: I am not aware of any source material in PCM1536 or upsampling algorithms that can do such absurdly high PCM rates. It almost makes me believe there must be some mistake in Denafrips’s specifications. But the only way to find out is to send a mail to Denafrips.

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I have got answer from Denafrips. It is the limitation of Mac and Audirvana.

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