Missing release dates + other problems with library

I’m still trialing Origin (one week left) and have three problems, all related to library management.

  1. Origin for some strange reason disregards all “year” tags with a value of 1970 or earlier, This leads to no release date being showed for albums released before 1971 and it messes up the sorting of albums. I’ve tried both migrating a “functioning” library from 3.5 and scanning from scratch. Origin for some reason also refuses to write the correct year in the metadata field for “release date”.

  2. Origin can play DSD in WavPack containers, which is good. But it doesn’t seem to be able to read the metadata in the files, which also leads to sorting issues. Basically making the addition of DSD/WavPack support useless. This added support was one of the main selling points for me.

  3. Origin (still) doesn’t have an option to choose between ascending and descending order of release when sorting albums under local library/artist. This also leads to problems with the sort order of albums, for example when files have “albumsort” tags to sort albums in cases where an artist has two or more albums the same year or you have rips of early and late pressings of a CD of the same album.

Together these issues really mess up how Origin presents my local library of albums, mainly consisting of flac (PCM) and WavPack (DSD) files. Will these issues be addressed in a not too distant future? Is there already a setting somewhere that may solve some or all of these issues?

Edit: I should add that I’m using a late 2014 Mac with Big Sur.

Edit 2: Seems Origin does read the pre-1971 year tags since they are displayed in the “column” section of the library (the list of songs). But it doesn’t show the release date with the album information and the tags are not used for sorting based on year of release. And, as stated above, the “year of release” field is empty for these albums when viewing them with the tag editor.

Hi @Veovis ,

Here are my information about your problems:

It’s a known issue but not as easy as it seems to solve it, we had reports about it in the past but I need to properly define what is going on. I can’t tell you when it will be fixed.

It should work properly. Can you please send me a mail at support@audirvana.com so you can send me a copy of it? this will help me reproduce your issue.

This will be sorted but not soon.

Thanks @Antoine for the answers. I’m basically using Audirvana for local network streaming (as an alternative to Asset UPnP + control point) and the library functions are important. I’ll probably stick with 3.5 for now and buy an Origin license when these things have been sorted. Soon I hope since I like the rest of how Origin looks and works!

As for the WavPack DSD files I just checked that Foobar reads the metadata ok. JRiver 30 does not however so there may be an issue with how the files are tagged. I’ll investigate further before sending any files, since the problem may be at my end. Origin does not read the tags and instead sorts the DSD-albums based on folder names.