Music integrated mode issue

I’ve used iTunes/Music integrated mode since it’s been around. Without it, I would drop Audirvana for some other solution.

However, I’ve always found problems with it and am sure they will not be fixed, given this is a legacy feature.

But my biggest problem, which has persisted through several versions of Audirvana, is that with both applications open, navigating the iTunes/Music UI is affected. For example buttons don’t work with a single click, but must be clicked 3 times. Scroll bar clicking is unpredictable, etc.

These bugs do drive me crazy, and I wish they would be fixed.

How can the Audirvana development team fix bugs in the iTunes/Music UI? I do not think they have access to the source code of iTunes. Or do you think Audirvana causes those problems in the UI of ITunes/Music?

You’re misreading my post. I’m suggesting the bugs are in Audirvana.

Sorry. It is late at night. I should not react to posts anymore with my sleepy head :wink:

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Hello @cstone,

Which version of MacOS do you have?

Hi @Antoine . Currently I’m running 13.0 (Ventura), but the problem as persisted though many previous versions. In fact, I posted about this previously, but never was able to fix it:



@Antoine, I take it then that this nor other Music integrated mode bugs will be fixed?

The other bug I’ve lived with for years is the behavior when you click on an album to play in Music, but instead it plays some other random track in my library. Instead I need to click on the first track of the album to play it rather than the album itself.

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