Need 'simple player' mode for local files

Situation: Playing local files without importing into the library is currently not possible (Audirvana Studio 2.5.2).

Issue: It takes 13 clicks (see below) to listen to local music in ‘ad hoc’ mode, being forced to abuse the library functionality, which was never optimized for this task.

Resolution: How this should work instead (urgent feature request): Drag a local folder onto Audirvana, pop-up should offer a choice of ‘1. Play Now; 2. Play Next; 3. Add to Play Queue; 4. Add to Playlist’).

Current steps / current pain:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Local
  3. Click on ‘Add a folder’
  4. Navigate to folder (multiple clicks)
  5. Click ‘Open’
  6. Click on ‘LOCAL’ (left hand pane)

Now, we are running into more interesting problems:

  1. in ‘Local > Folders View’, it is not possible to select a folder to add to/as a playlist
    7a. Have to click on a track
  2. select all (Command A)
  3. right-click ‘add to play queue’
  4. press play
  5. Once done listening, clean up time: Click on Settings
  6. Click on LOCAL
  7. Click on trashcan icon next to previously imported folder

There is a drag and drop option if I’m not mistaken.

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Yep. You can drag and drop files from Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows) on Audirvana to play them. You don’t need to add them to the Audirvana library for that.


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On my Mac, I right click on any music file and choose which program to open/play and it plays.


Sorry, this doesn’t work.

I added ‘Full disc access’ for Audirvana Studio (macOS Sonoma).
Now I can select multiple files, right click, open with - Audirvana Studio.

However, this doesn’t work for files on a network share. Nothing happens.
Also, there is no drag & drop. If I take a local file and hover over different parts of the Audirvana Studio user interface, the cursor doesn’t change to reflect a valid drop target. Randomly dropping the file on 20 different parts on the screen also doesn’t work. Dropped on the Mini Player: Nothing happens.

This is not working.

Drag and drop them from the File Explorer (in Windows) or Finder (Mac) on an open playlist in Audirvana. On my system (Windows) that works and always has worked.

Thank you. I was missing the crucial step ‘create dummy playlist as a drag & drop target’.
I can confirm this works on my Mac, including with network files.

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You should be able to drag and dropping the tracks you want in the play queue of Audirvāna Origin:


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