Needs Tidal credentials every time I open Audirvana

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is something wrong with my install of Audirvana. I got a new laptop and everything is working fine except, I have to log in to Tidal every single time I open Audirvana to listen to music. This didn’t happen on my previous laptop, so curious if anybody has any insight into what’s going on or if I can do something to fix this. Thanks so much in advance!

Hello @MarkSubsonik, Are you on MacOS or Windows 10?

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I have the same problem on a mac. When I’m logged in Tidal works as usual on the desktop, but I can’t access it with the remote.

And since the last update 3.5 the program crashes every time i try to open the library (synchronized with iTunes). What is weird, is that I can play everything buying the search function. It also crashes when i try to access the library with audirvana remote.

do you have the latest version 3.5.33?

yes, i have the latest version

It is very strange, you are sure why you are complaining about the problems of the penultimate update.

I don’t know the chronology of the updates and problems.
I upgraded from 3.2 to 3.5 some weeks ago.
I had the library problem from the beginning while the tidal problems came later.
Now I run 3.5.33

thank you

Hello @Daniel_Pizzinini, do you still have an older version of Audirvana in your computer that you run?

no, i removed the old one.

Can you send me your crash report at ? You can find it in your Console App of your Mac.

@Damien3 hi there. Sorry for late reply, just got notified via email of your response. I am on windows 10

I’m using Windows 10

While you open Audirvana you have the login page displayed every time you open Audirvana?

Hi Damien.
I also have to log in to Tidal after starting Audirvana.
Audirvana version 3.5.9 Windows 10.

Hello @THXKO do you have an error displayed or a screenshot to provide?

hi Damien,
ask me about a post that doesn’t concern me …

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Screenshot as a new login

And you have to put your Tidal login credentials each time you open Audirvana?