New problem: Album Art sometimes not shown in search results - duplicate tracks again

Audirvana Origin 2.4.0 (20400), MacOS 10.14
Since this update some Album Art is not not shown in search results in the title category. These tracks are duplicates, that do not exist. Clicking on “Show All” the Album Art is shown correctly, as it should, but still not existing duplicate tracks.
I did all the maintenance routines: no change.
@Antoine : Can you reproduce that on your side?

As reported here Deleting tracks not always possible deleting duplicate tracks is only possible in Album view, because the 3 dot menu only works there. So solving the duplicate files issue becomes a Sysiphos work. Please correct that in near future.

What do you mean by do not exist? When you look at those tracks using the track view of your local library, you do not find them at all?

Misunderstanding: 1 file exists in reality, no second file, although A shows 2 files in the tracklist. A plays both entries.

I would like to perform the same search as you have done and with your database file. Can you send me a mail at so you can upload the file to my OneDrive?