Newbie having trouble

So should I give up with this now and move on or is there any hope of getting this to work?


Have you read thru this topic? UPnP / DLNA - Audirvana

Audirvāna Studio presently has a very troubled record of not properly working with a large percentage of top network players, thus my comment of “same as it ever was” If it doesn’t work properly for you today using the advice you’ve been given then you might want to stay on the sidelines for now as several of us have. There are plenty of proper network streaming solutions out there after all and no indication that Audirvāna has the ability of rectifying these shortcomings anytime soon ( I would be happy to be wrong )

Best luck to you going forward :slightly_smiling_face:


You need to configure Audirvana for DoP1.1 otherwise it will convert DSD to PCM.

Also Audirvana is a ‘Media Renderer’ not a ‘Media Server’… Most folks having problems are trying to use it as a media server… Apparently it is designed to work as a player on the network accessing the NAS, not the server for the network.

Try a simplified direct Ethernet connection to your DAC to test the DNLA functionality.
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@Agoldnear, could you please share with us where and how to change this setting in Audirvāna or my two Oppo devices? Strange that @Antoine has not told us all this simple fix? Direct Ethernet hookup between computer and streamer? Router and streamer? Switch and streamer? What if your system requires the use of Wi-Fi? OP and some of us just expect it to work as well as other sources and devices do, nothing wrong with fiddling around its computer audiophile stuff after all. Just some of us have done all that stuff and still have major problems.

Looking forward to seeing what you can recommend changing the settings to get my players sorted and then I will renew my subscription, of course the radio thing as well but that’s a separate case of heartburn possibly only for me and a few others.

The problem here is that it needs to be set to “don’t send RAW PCM”, but at the same time the streamer doesn’t declare dsf file playback capability. That’s despite the fact that it supports it, as it plays with BubbleUPNP.

Would be nice if SMSL could fix this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It would’ve been cool if Audirvana had a feature to override these settings.

Yes it would be, if it was only a SMSL device that has a problematic issue I would be understanding of throwing the issue at the device manufacturer but it’s become obvious that a myriad of different devices by various top line manufacturers are affected. It’s time Audirvāna steps up or stops advertising UPNP network playback as being easily accessible. Again and again Audirvāna works great with a direct USB connection but quite randomly via Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Wonky fixes and work around just aren’t for many users myself included, it is what it is today and that’s cool. Just trying to let the OP new user know what’s going on with it. I’m just becoming more and more concerned that no fix is forthcoming for whatever reason thus my using Audirvāna very little currently (3.5) Still a fan and keeping an eye on it but no subscription for me at this time.

True, but there is even more devices that do work. So the question is where is the difference and who is at fault.

If there is a specification, one would expect that everybody follows the specification to the letter. Audirvana came up with various workarounds, including the ability to send the content as files. This fixed issues with some devices, but there are still devices that don’t work. There’s no easy solution unfortunately, but maybe with time and if Audirvana becomes more ubiquitous, manufacturers might start to test compatibility agains it.

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Thanks @bitracer , I can’t really argue with any of your comments. All I can say in certainty is my setup and devices play over Ethernet and wireless very well (synology nas, tidal connect, Amazon music) the only problems I have are with Audirvāna. That’s all I can testify to, but you can see that many others have good kit and also report issues frequently. Again if it’s only Oppo and SMSL let’s blame the manufacturer, but if we’re honest it’s a bigger issue than that. Maybe I’m just going to advise that if your really married to Audirvāna and need a network player device make sure you have a good return policy with your dealer before purchase if your requirements are that Audirvāna work properly with it. It shouldn’t require much more than plugging in the Ethernet cable or putting in the Wi-Fi password IMHO :wink: Perhaps NAD/BluOs has spoiled me :thinking:

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Audirvana should make on this site a list of the models of streamers that its players are working with them. And another list of streamers that they do not work with them.

This way, people won’t waste time trying to make them work with a wrong streamer. And Audirvana customers who want to buy a new streamer will choose an approved model for Origin, Studio or 3.5.

It will save a lot of deception, and endless complaints.

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Yes @Cloclo your right on this, A DLNA (in)compatibility list - #10 by DCdane @Yohmi started this thread recently and I know that there is a couple of others in the UPNP topic area but no really concise collection of what works well ( and different people have differing opinion of proper playback, gapless not working for example ) I’m not seeing Audirvāna support having much love for this subject for a while now with some posts never being responded to ( at least on the forum, maybe they are helping directly? ) I can only say in my situation apparently nothing can or will be done, that’s with my Oppo205 and Studio.

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That just shows you the sorry state of the UPnP compatibility. NAD/Bluesound doesn’t even support UPnP just to avoid having to deal with this.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that you’ll get a new device to replace your Oppo at some point rather than getting it to work with Audirvana.

To my knowledge, there is only one manufacturer that proudly displays “works with Audirvana” logo, and that’s Atoll:

IMO, it should be a link to a list that is very well visible on the main page of the site.
Few people will have the idea to search for a thread on the forum. They will first waste hours and hours, like me, trying to make Audirvana to work well with Volumio, for instance. Then, some of them will try to get support.
If you multiply the wasted hours by the half million of active Volumio users, for instance, you may reduce global warming a bit.

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You’re probably correct, they don’t need or want the headaches. Audirvāna doesn’t even see it on my network, at first I thought this was a disadvantage but pretty quickly I’ve come to the conclusion it would be redundant at best.

Again my dealer gave my a generous 60day no restocking fee test drive and I haven’t needed a rear view mirror yet, quite pleased with it.

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At first glance it’s a bit comical, but being a bit thick and enjoying putting square pegs in round holes myself I can relate to many hours of fiddling with it convinced that I must be doing something wrong :joy::rofl::joy:

You remind to shut down my computer and Oppo, retested everything with macOS Monterey 12.6, so far 3.5 seems to work properly. No change with network playback, not that I really thought it would help but anyhow.

Back to the NAD, no computer needed. Class D running so cool I’m going to have to get the tube amp out for winter :cold_face:

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I don’t care much about Volumio, because I don’t use it on my endpoint. But I tried hard to make it work, because it’s the favorite Linux distribution of other family members.

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Well my new DAC arrives tomorrow, this one actually having a USB port, so rather than relying on my LAN I shall try the ‘recommended’ connection.
Not that I’ll be using Studio for anything other than headphone listening as my Auralic Lightning set-up is absolutely rock-solid- no crashes in about 6 months now.
But I do like a good tinker, and I really want Audirvana to succeed if I’m honest.


The Atoll unit seems like quite a Swiss Army knife as well, interesting :thinking: I don’t see any dealers that I’m familiar with, wonder the USD type price? Perhaps there is a review of this unit YouTube I bet has something on it. From the dealer list it’s more a “boutique” brand in the states. @Cloclo are you familiar with this company?

Atoll is a very good French HiFi maker.
I’m not aware of their present products, but they had some excellent amplifiers and DACs in the past.