No DSD option with V3.5 with PS Audio DirectStream DAC

I’m running V3.5 on a Mac mini (Carolina) USB-connected to a PS Audio DirectStream DAC running Windom. I can play PCM tracks with no problem. I can also play DSD tracks as well but the software is converting to PCM.

The settings of the software indicate that DSD is not an option.

I had the exact same experience with the Snowmass release of the DAC, the one prior to Windom.

I’ve got a feeling that I’m missing something obvious. Can anyone help?


What makes you think it’s converting to PCM?

The DAC says it’s locked and playing PCM for the DSD track. In general, the Audirvana V3.5 says there is no DSD available on the DAC. It worked before I upgraded to 3.5 (from 3.X).

You mean DoP (DSD over PCM)?

Yes, my interpretation is that V3.5 is sending PCM to the DAC for the DSD tracks.

However, I don’t want to use DoP. I want to send native DSD to the DAC as I did before.

DoP is not a conversion to PCM. It‘s just packaging of the DSD stream in a PCM data chunks. There is no degradation of sound quality and the stream is still bit-perfect.

Whether you’re able to use the native DSD interface depends on the DAC‘s USB implementation.

For PS Audio, DoP is actually the preferred way. You can watch on YouTube few videos where Ted Smith talks about DoP.

Thanks very much, bitracer!

Understood. I’m going to do some additional research as you suggest. What you stated above is consistent with the DirectStream manual (I did the RTFM thing!), BTW.

Regardless, I still don’t understand why V3.5 now says DSD not supported. Any thoughts?

BTW, do you you have a DirectStream?

Thanks again!


I don’t know, try to contact PS Audio support. They might be able to help. Also make sure the volume control in Audirvana is disabled.

I don’t own DS (unfortunately). You made a good choice. It’s the best DAC at any price.

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Hey bitracer!

I’ve got a message into PS Audio but nothing useful back yet. I’ll report back here if anything interesting happens.

Do Audirvana people respond to these forums? I’d love to know if they’ve seen this issue before.



New 3.5.26 today…

Version 3.5.26:
DSD over PCM for DSD UPnP network players not able to play raw DSD
Fixes for Audirvana Remote app

Yes, so hold on. The only thing weird here is why your DAC doesn’t show as DSD capable. If anything is capable to play DSD it‘s this DAC.

Thanks for the tip, RunHome Slow. I upgraded just now. Audio settings in V3.5.26 still indicates there is no DSD support for this DAC without using DoP.

@bitracer Yes! That’s exactly what I mean.

Wait, what do see in the supported sample rates?

Here’s what i see without selecting DoP…

These are the choices under Native DSD streaming method – PCM or DoP only…


If I select either of the DoP options I see DSD64 and DSD128.

Then it’s totally normal.

So the only way to operate “native DSD” is DoP?

Yes, not all DAC are recognize by default… choose DSD over PCM 1.1 if you can go DSD256