No radio, no podcast

Hello, my new Audirvana Studio installation does not show the podcast or radio

Same issue. They were around yesterday.

Same for me today. Studio failed to display its radio function after two startups, including all of the stations I’ve saved previously to radio favorites.

Still the same effect: At every program start I see the failure message “ErrorLoginRadioService”, then no radio or podast buttons appear in Audirvana Studio. No improvement by the provided update versions (now with 1.2.0)

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Unfortunately no improvement by version 1.3 . . . . . still annoying!

Same thing here ???

Also version 1.4 does not improve things - still no radio and podcast buttons in Audirvana Studio on my iMac.

The failure message “ErrorLoginRadioService” has now disappeared in my case but I have never seen any radio stations or potcasts in Studio. Is there any option to switch them on?

Radios do not appear here too. I always need to close and restart Studio to get them back.
Strange, no error message, nothing.
Not very reliable

Hey, my Radio & Podcast show as they should do, but they will not play, how should I proceed?

Still a strange behaviour here: radios appeared in both the main I/F and Remote after a restart of Studio.
But, some time after, they usually disappear whatever button you use in the “radios” menu. No error message, nothing.
And even after the upgrade to 1.6. Not sure to subscribe to Studio with such an unreliable behaviour.

Same behavior with older playlists on Qobuz. They are empty. But after a restart of AS the music is back.

I have subscribed already, I love Audirvana Studio it is almost perfect, and I am sure future updates will solve any problems, I had the old Audirvana for a year before switching to studio, and I love the fact that Audirvana now is subscription-based, Thanks to all staff for this wonderful new Edition.

I thought the problem was gone after a complete restart of my Mac Mini. But, sorry, it’s not the case.
This morning, still no radio and no podcast, and no error message

Ah, yes, some errors on the console:

par défaut 11:43:25.376339+0200 Audirvana Studio nw_protocol_boringssl_signal_connected(701) [C69.1:2][0x102ae6ef0] TLS connected [version(0x0303) ciphersuite(0xc030) group(0x0017) peer_key(0x0401) alpn() resumed(0) offered_ticket(0) false_started(0) ocsp(0) sct(0)]
par défaut 11:43:25.376445+0200 Audirvana Studio nw_flow_connected [C69.1 IPv4#e6bbd8ae:443 in_progress socket-flow (satisfied (Path is satisfied), interface: en0, ipv4, dns)] Output protocol connected
par défaut 11:43:25.376632+0200 Audirvana Studio nw_connection_report_state_with_handler_on_nw_queue [C69] reporting state ready
par défaut 11:43:25.376939+0200 Audirvana Studio Connection 69: connected successfully
par défaut 11:43:25.376964+0200 Audirvana Studio Connection 69: TLS handshake complete
par défaut 11:43:25.377067+0200 Audirvana Studio Connection 69: ready C(N) E(N)
par défaut 11:43:25.377165+0200 Audirvana Studio Task <16052B44-FEB8-4F66-AEAC-19DD3E21A8D6>.<73> now using Connection 69
par défaut 11:43:25.377196+0200 Audirvana Studio Connection 69: received viability advisory(Y)
par défaut 11:43:25.377320+0200 Audirvana Studio Task <16052B44-FEB8-4F66-AEAC-19DD3E21A8D6>.<73> sent request, body N 0
par défaut 11:43:25.488430+0200 Audirvana Studio Task <16052B44-FEB8-4F66-AEAC-19DD3E21A8D6>.<73> received response, status 200 content K
par défaut 11:43:25.488548+0200 Audirvana Studio Task <16052B44-FEB8-4F66-AEAC-19DD3E21A8D6>.<73> response ended
par défaut 11:43:25.488574+0200 Audirvana Studio Task <16052B44-FEB8-4F66-AEAC-19DD3E21A8D6>.<73> done using Connection 69
par défaut 11:43:25.488620+0200 Audirvana Studio Task <16052B44-FEB8-4F66-AEAC-19DD3E21A8D6>.<73> summary for task success {transaction_duration_ms=380, response_status=200, connection=69, protocol=http/1.1, domain_lookup_duration_ms=1, connect_duration_ms=264, secure_connection_duration_ms=165, request_start_ms=268, request_duration_ms=0, response_start_ms=379, response_duration_ms=0, request_bytes=1443, response_bytes=593, cache_hit=0}
par défaut 11:43:25.488667+0200 Audirvana Studio Task <16052B44-FEB8-4F66-AEAC-19DD3E21A8D6>.<73> finished successfully
par défaut 11:43:25.488718+0200 **Audirvana Studio Radio Link: getStations json error


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Most probably the root cause of the problem

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like others, having problems with radio stations completely disappearing.
restarting the application works for a while, but after a day or so the radio stations come up blank again and once again have to restart the application. :confused:

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Fresh start of AS latest 1.6 version on Mac mini and just few radio stations showed up.
My favorite FM 91.1 Jazz FM Toronto doesn’t work at all ! Outside of AS is streaming no problem.
It happen today once that all usual stations were available but not for too long.
So we playing here cat and mouse, hiding and showing up and hiding again !
What’s a show !

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Still the case this morning, no radio, no podcast and the very same error message

Hello, we will add more information for this error in the next update of Studio so it will be easier to understand the issue, while the issue happen again with the next update, can you go again in Console and check for this issue @patifr ?

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Here is the error message as shown on console after I clicked on any of the link to the radio stations:

Radio Link: getStations json error, received string: {“id”:[“airable”,“error”,“authorization”],“message”:“Expired signature.”}

Sounds like an expiration of a signature to an authorisation (Certificate?)

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