No radio, no podcast

Hello, my new Audirvana Studio installation does not show the podcast or radio

Same issue. They were around yesterday.

Same for me today. Studio failed to display its radio function after two startups, including all of the stations Iā€™ve saved previously to radio favorites.

Still the same effect: At every program start I see the failure message ā€œErrorLoginRadioServiceā€, then no radio or podast buttons appear in Audirvana Studio. No improvement by the provided update versions (now with 1.2.0)

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Unfortunately no improvement by version 1.3 . . . . . still annoying!

Same thing here ???

Also version 1.4 does not improve things - still no radio and podcast buttons in Audirvana Studio on my iMac.

The failure message ā€œErrorLoginRadioServiceā€ has now disappeared in my case but I have never seen any radio stations or potcasts in Studio. Is there any option to switch them on?