Not finding alphabetical "Z" album/artist title in 'Local' folder

Not sure if this is a bug in the new Audirvana Remote App or if it is a problem related to my iPad Air…

The remote app is not finding an album title in one of my local folders that begins with the letter “Z” (ZZ Top) the app finds other album files within that same folder… The Audirvana Studio 2.2.2 macOS application finds this album file.

Also, I can only see my files using the “folder” view, I cannot view my entire music content library as an amalgamation of my local folders… The “Local” button is inactive.

And, I cannot access “Radios” and whatever the ‘spiral circle’ icon represents…

Not being able to contribute to the Beta testing, leaves me without much footing for complaints, however, personally speaking, the ‘landscape only’ orientation is uncomfortable in my use case and the floating folder display field, is annoying… it would be nice to add a button that returns the folder-tree to the top level…
All input regarding these things is appreciated…

iPad Air model: (MD786LL/A),
iOS 12.5.6 (16H71)

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I’ve reported “z” missing. I also have “m” missing on remote.

Samsung Galaxy phone Android.


I have a few letters missing in origin and remote.

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On Desktop all letters in place… although initially latest Origin had many missing letters. I wish I could tell you what I did to fix it.

Try checking database integrity.

Tried that, tried evrything!
lttrs stl misin.


Xlent nsa nd rply

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Attention @Damien

These two views on my Mac/Galaxy Remote show M and Z missing on Album view but present in Artist view.

I have both artists and

albums with Z and Z.

Are you using a Galaxy Fold?


Maybe it’s related to the special aspect ratio since it’s using 22.5:18. I will need to ask our developer about this.

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I have at least 3/4 letters missing in all views. Audirvana Origin 2.2.2 on Mac.

Are the Remote App folder display issues and access issues that I’m seeing and experiencing, that are described in my original post, not issues? Is there something I’m missing?.. No change this evening to the missing album file in one of my local folders.

iPad Air model: (MD786LL/A),
iOS 12.5.6 (16H71)

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Can you send a screenshot of your iPad view?

While sorting out another issue, I deleted my Database sqlite file… Origin rebuilt it, and now all my letters are back! I thought the Y was missing, but Neil Young is sorted under N, so all good.

@Antoine … Here are the screen shots… The ZZ Top folder is not found…

Remote App iOS view:

macOS version 12.6.2 (21G320) Finder view:

Audirvana Studio macOS view:

The 24/192kHz ZZ Top album file is available in “Artist” view in Audirvan Studio (macOS) and can be played… Once selected in Audirvan Studio it shows on the Remote app playback control screen, etc… :crazy_face:

Remembering that M and Z are missing. The last letter if aspect ratio is issue makes sense but not M in middle of list.

By-the-way… It is of no big practical issue because I can go to L or Y for searches.

Yes it is.

how difficult is to squeeze A to Z letters in center of height of any window height?? Missing 7 letters on iPhone 13

Hi @RunHomeSlow

Seven letters missing is significant.

I’m simply telling the guys that if my issue (missing M and Z) is only my configuration I can live with it.

I didn’t win the lottery last night which is a buggar because I have BIG plans… but I can live with that loss.

Again… I’d say seven letters missing means something quite significant.

It’s a glitch.



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i was quoting you just to say that releasing a remote for a software, those primary things should not happen first… even on a beta testing you should see that already :slight_smile:

Just bring the old remote, i’ll be happy :slight_smile: work on this one another year…

Hi @RunHomeSlow

I think I understand.

Each of has differing aims and expectations.

I adore the sound above all else. And as I listen only(usually) to albums this really works well for me.

All the best.


P. S. Being able to use previous versions would be handy if they work better for you. Send a request to They may help you.