Now playing tab, open directly from windows explorer

Sorry for putting several suggestions in single post.
I tried various player and really like the SQ provided by this awesome software,
but some features are quite essential to me and really hope that they will be implemented in the future.

Firstly, is a repeated suggestion. Without adding folder to library, without playlist etc,
just play a single file by double clicking/dragging the file from windows explorer.

with current implementation, I have to open the application first, dragging to the Play Queue view,
manually click the play button (since won’t play automatically). And dragging the second file could not empty/replace the play queue but just adding into it.

Secondly is a now playing page with a large album art. It is similar to the enlarged version of mini-player, but it would really be nice to have that in a full-sized window. Below is an example.

Lastly, not quite related to interface, but is about WASAPI. Would you consider adding the option of shared mode instead of forcing the exclusive mode?
Might be due to resampling issues, I found that the performance varies between other players using WASAPI shared mode, and I believe that audirvana would perform better than the others if it also has.
It’s undeniable that exclusive mode is sounding best technically, but options for users to sacrifice a little bit SQ in exchange for multitasking (e.g. watching youtube) will always be appreciated.

Tried varies players recently and really frustrated that none of them are fully satisfying. Looking forward to the improvement of audirvana.

forgot one important point regarding the UI
not going to add a new topic so mentioning in this reply

Addition of setting for volume step would be appreciated since the adjustment per scroll is too large to me.
Last but not least, is the self-defined keyboard shortcut (for volume change, forward/ backward etc.)
Since only space bar for pause/play is available AFAIK

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