Open file audio from windows explorer

Is it possible to open a file from Windows 10 Explorer? I tried with open with and put the path C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps \ Audirvana.Audirvana-4118-9484-d80dbb7827cd_3.5.12.0_x64__fec4hfhj3emgj \ Audirvana \ Audirvana.exe but it doesn’t work …

You want to make Audirvana as your default app to open music file?

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Yes, I wish I could open a file (flac, dsd, dsf) by browsing the windows directories

Like Paolosnz above , I tried to create an association between a music file and Audirvana. When I right-clicked on the file, I was able to get Audirvana to appear in the “Open With” option list, and to be the default app, but nothing happens when you double-click the file (to invoke the default app) or chose Audirvana in the “Open With” list.

(By the way, I am running Windows 10 and I had to take ownership of Aidirvana.exe, give it higher permissions, and have to run it in Windows 8 Compatibility mode to be able to do this and to allow editing of music metadata information in Audirvana.)

This function would allow us to use Audirvana on files that we choose to not include in the Library, such as when we are previewing or editing audio files in different locations.

Frankly, I was surprised that this file association feature isn’t supported, as I don’t know of any other Windows program where this doesn’t work.

You have an excellent product. I have tried most of the Windows music players and your audio quality, especially regarding fine detail, is definitely the best!!!

If you can provide this functionality in a future update it would be greatly appreciated!

Bob Zbuska

This functionality in Windows 10 to be able to make Audirvana the default application to open music files is very much needed function.Many users would agree I am sure.

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