Old Mac Install File - Audirvana 3.5.X

As the title mentions, I’m looking for older versions of Audirvana 3.5 for MacOS.

If you have any version between 3.5.0 to 3.5.41 stored, kindly let me know.

Any help is much appreciated!

Why would you need that? You just need the last working version, that’s 3.5.44 for both PC and Mac.

I updated to .44 and it doesn’t sound good to me!

I tried studio and in my setup, to my ears, it sounds clean, lively, better bass control…but leaner, sharper, and sometimes too sparkly highs compared to 3.5.44/3.5.43

So for now would like to roll back to anything older than .44



I tried a few links as suggested, but I get a “page not found” error.


only the four links you shared work :pensive:

Another gentleman has shared his dump of 3.5 versions with me over DM. I’m sorted.

Thanks for the responses!

Interesting you say that .44 is the LAST WORKING VERSION.
Is there some acknowledgement that .45 is still a WIP?
I’m assuming if that’s the case that .45 is still being bug-fixed?
If so, great news for those of us struggling with this version.

.45 is pc version only

Version 3.5.46 is out, so here is your answer.

Will try it.

Not a fav on .43/.44