Only half a symbol

Sometimes only.half of the MQA symbol shows up …why ???

That’s for MQA and MQA Studio formats. The difference is at which stage of the post production process MQA is introduced.

Thanks,bitracer ,well can you tell me has audervana always displayed this activity, because for me it hasn’t and i have audervana studio and have had it since i started down this path.

Before Audirvana Studio, the MQA logo was either green or blue. There are some threads about it in the community.

Hello @Crazyclif,

Can you send a screenshot of what you are talking about?

Antonio i cant find my license key , I need it to update to the newest version, 3.5.51 Im at 1.3 and im not sure how that happened but I did move the p.c. and had to restore it and re download audervana but it says that its up to date but apparently its lying, so please send me the key thanks D

1.3 is Studio version, 3.5.51 is old audirvana version :grinning:
They are not same software, but same company.

Well i have to say that makes no sense lol ,

Ok thats interesting, well now im wondering which one is better and hey i might have to get so i can compair the two, lol

If you don’t have 3.5 license already you won’t be able to compare it… 3.5 is dead.

Now is Audirvana Studio with Radios channels, streaming services subscription payment
and Audirvana Origin (same layout and sound as Studio) but only for local files, no radios or streaming…

With Origin you pay once and have a 2 years update license, then if you don’t pay for an upgrade you stay with latest version for free… With Studio, you pay every month without having to pay for next month…


Yes, two years free of update, then you decide to upgrade or not, serial number is still yours for life… like my 3.5.50 version still working

It is a serial number like 3.5 version,
maybe AGAIN Audirvana could be clearer,
but i think i’m right … @Antoine ?

It means that it will work at least 2 years after macOS Monterey (now), after if you stay with Monterey or 2 years after that OS i don’t know the name it will work for life… 3.5 still works with Monterey on Mac, today, if it stop with next OS system, revert and stay there for lifetime use

It works now with win 11, do the same math… :slightly_smiling_face:

Only half a symbol topic…

So you are on a TV based on what I can see.

Can you give me your display scaling in windows?

Looks like the space is too short at that scaling of the text to fit the sample rate info plus the MQA symbol.

No its not that ,other albums show the complete symbol, i wonder if it might be that the rest if the unfold is being preformed by the dac?

I have widows11 connected to a 65 inch lg 4k t.v. the symbol only shows half on certain albums. At other times the full symbol is shown, could it be that the other have of the unfold is being preformed by my dac?