Origin will not complete synchronization

In the Origin-log I see, after each start, the same message:

2022-08-22 16:49:24,227 [9] DEBUG Audirvana.App - Local Library Sync: Synched folders initialization: Initial synchronization was not completed: resuming it for folder \QNAP-TS563\Q563-HD4-Root\PopRock-(Oldies)

In 3.5 I do not see such message (same library). I already removed the library and then replaced it.

Is there a way to reset the synchronization, or better to display any info which file is the cause ?

Are you suing the latest version of Audirvāna Studio?

Can you send us a copy of the “Debug Info” when you have this issue? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>My account

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

Debug- and Log-file are on their way.

The windows install is settled as working, so thought to try to Audirvana on Mac Mini M1 to connect to Sony HT-A7000 soundbar to pipe music through.
Fully prepared to pay for another Origin license, I could log in and download the V16 dmg and it install without nagging for license. OK.

The problem is the database cataloging. Was looking for the Rolling Stones and The Royalettes - not found. Que? Finder has located, no problem on an SMB drive, with full access, duh, Finder finds.
Delete everything from the APP folder including the SQlite database and start again. After 6 hours syncing, database only finds 1670 something albums. Try to sync again, stops and doesn’t add any more files.

Jriver to the rescue, finds all files on the smb folders, plus movies, TV shows, so am non plussed why Audirvana cannot catalog a) in the first place, b) after an uninstall.
Can someone point a link to remove all traces of files for Monterey 12.6 with Origin 16.0.

Let’s make a decision, the price of the extra license to run on the MAC versus the amount of work (and time) to reload the database was not worth the stress and anxiety.
Followed this procedure, now this soul is at peace.

Jriver can also double as a Movie and TV show player, now a lot more work with the metadata for movies which I haven’t bothered with at all, quite a few black rectangles.

Hello @One-and-a-Half,
Can you send us a mail at support@audirvana.com? We would like to take a look at your database file so we can understand what is going on.

Sorry for not replying earlier, every time I try to email support@audirvana.com, GoogleMail bounces back and advises a delay in sending, eventually it gives up.

I had to trash the Apple iOS M1 Origin install, so there is no database to send. To make matters worse, Origin installer(?) messed with the original file metadata, about 1000 albums were affected, with some only selected tracks others whole albums. Took a while to restore files from the backup, so now am very, very hesitant to create another installation for fear of something breaking again.

Do you still have your issue after trashing the Apple iOS M1 Origin install?

Audirvana is not installed on the M1 anymore. There’s a single PC version that behaves itself, so will keep this one active.
I do hope that the catalog speed can be improved, that’s the only sore thumb at the moment with Audirvana.