PDF booklets in multi-disc albums

I’ve read all the posts regarding PDF booklets and getting them to display properly, but nothing on how to accomplish this in a multi-disc set that has several folders and metadata embedded that allows Audirvana to display them as “Disc1,” Disc 2," etc. Even if I copy the PDF into each of the docs folders, nothing shows up in the desktop or remote version of Audirvana. Is this just not possible or is there a trick to make them show up?


Hello @kipdent, have you tried to merge those multiple pdf booklet in one big booklet?

Hello, Damien—thank you for the reply. The issue is not “multiple PDFs,” but a single PDF that won’t display across a multi-disc set. Such a PDF always displays properly when an album is only in one folder as a single CD usually is, but for a boxed set of CDs, say a set of all nine Beethoven symphonies, the single booklet will not appear while viewing any of the individual discs that are part of the set. On a similar thread, someone suggested placing the PDF only in the first folder of the set, but that did not work when I tried it. Any other ideas?

I’m wondering, How did you stored your multiple disc? Did you put it in a folder “Beethoven Album” and then stored the disc in different folders like “CD1”,“CD2”…?

Damien–the solutions another user and I have found are described in this thread. Take a look at it and see what you think.

I do wish I could get davidp’s solution to work for me–there must be some detail I am still missing.


Hi, I have also found this difficult and this is my method which seems to work. My folder hierarchy always has the following structure ‘artist’>‘album’>Disc1, Disc2, … Disc’N’. where Disc’N’ is the last disc, substitute ‘N’ with the relevant number. I put my pdf-booklet in the last folder, i.e. Disc’N’ and as far as I can tell it always shows up in Audirvana. An example.

Maybe this will help? All the best, Björn


This discovery is remarkable, and I won’t even ask how you surmised trying the booklet in the last disc folder, but I have tried it in my library and it has worked 100% of the time! It seems so reliable that I believe Damien should state it in the Audirvana User Manual as the way to add booklets to multi-disc sets.

Thank you again for sharing your tip–my library organizational life just got much easier!

I’m happy that my method worked for you. This discovery was trial and error combined with some luck. It would be nice if Damien would make this a little more obvious, as you noted. Björn

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