PDF for 3.5.5

Is there a PDF for 3.5.5?

You mean a manual?
No, not for 3.5 and not for Audirvana Studio.

wow your kidding. in the older versions you had filter settings and Play DSD if needed.

You where asking about PDF? I understood you where talking about PDF (Portable Document Format) files with documentation or a manual for Audirvana.

Now you are talking about filter settings and DSD? So what do you mean with PDF in this case?

Audirvana (3.5 and studio) both have support for plugins (EQ, Filtering etc.) and (playing and/or upsampling to) DSD, or is that not what you mean either?

Please be a bit more clear in what you are asking for. There are no mindreaders on this forum (or are there?) :grin:


@AndyLubke Only after ingesting large quantities of spice found on Arrakis might I be able to perform a mind reading. On second thought, probably not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Jamesroy You’ve asked for a PDF in your first post. I don’t think 3.5 or AS have online documentation in that format :smiley:

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Manual’s gone missing, we have HAL available for any questions

Thank You. So where exactly do I go for software settings explained?

Read this:

User Manual for Latest version - Software User Interface Feedback - Audirvana

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