Play / Pause / Skip Track Bluetooth Sony WF-1000XM4


I’ve purchased “Audirvana Origin” a week back and started exploring it. It’s UI is good and also feature rich. However it also has it’s own issues which are below.

1. With my " Sony WF-1000XM4 " touch controls ( When i touch the earphones ) like " Play / Pause / Skip Track " are not working. Not sure Why? it is a basic expectation. It is not pausing when i use them, instead some Youtube Video from my browser is played / paused while Audirvana doesn’t respond to them.

2. When i click on “Album Art” from Left Lower Bottom Corner " Audio Scan " window is opening up. But INDIA has too many languages and we hear songs from at least 4 to 5 languages and Albums prior to 1980’s mostly will not be having " Album Art ", in such case how to launch the " Audio Scan " screen on track without Album Art?

3. I am using " Mac OS Sonoma 14.2 " and often times it is hanging and kept giving a message about being online and offline, if i get the error next time, i will attach the screenshot here.

Please suggest. BTW, I am using " Audirvana Origin 2.5.7 "


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Can you send us a copy of the “Debug Info” when you have this behavior? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>My account

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

You need to click on this icon on the player:

And then click on the switch button at the top left of the window:

Hi @Antoine

Please find the attached Debug Report.

When I manually clicked “Play” Button on a track from “Audirvana” it is playing it and after a while, when i tap my Sony right earphone to “Play / Pause” the track, it is opening " Apple Music " app, instead of effecting the track that is being played from “Audirvana”.

That is very strange & frustrating.

Audirvana Origin 2.5.7 (20507)

macOS Version 14.2 (Build 23C64) with 16GB physical RAM

Connected account of : Rajesh D

Status: available


Polarity Inversion:
	Globally: OFF
	Per track: ON
Effects plugins NOT ACTIVE

r8brain not in use
r8brain filter parameters
Bandwidth = 99.5%
Stop band attenuation 218dB
Phase linear

Max allowed volume: 100
Replay Gain: None
SW volume control: OFF

Sync list: 1 folders
AUTO: /Volumes/AUDIO/
iTunes/Music library synchronization: not synchronized
Library database path: /Users/rajeshd/Library/Application Support/Audirvana/AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite

Folders synchronization in progress:
Deep Synch: yes

Remote Control server:
Listening on on port 50582

=================== AUDIO DEVICE ========================

Active method: Local

Max. memory for audio buffers: 13312MB

Local Audio Engine: CoreAudio
Exclusive access: ON
Integer mode: ON
Use max I/O buffer size: OFF
Actual I/O buffer frame size: 512

Preferred device:
Apple Inc. SONY
Model UID:de1 54c

Currently playing in standard 32bit float mode
Device: 2ch Mixable linear PCM Interleaved 32bits little endian Signed Float, 8 bytes per frame 44.1kHz

Active Sample Rate: 44.1kHz
Hog Mode is on

Bridge settings:
Sample rate limitation: none
Sample rate switching latency: none
Limit bitdepth to 24bit: OFF
Mute during sample rate change: OFF

Selected device:SONY
Manufacturer: Apple Inc.
Model name: Apple Inc. SONY
Model UID: de1 54c
UID: 88-C9-E8-14-14-D3:output
ID 0x74

2 available sample rates up to 44100Hz
Audio buffer frame size : 14 to 1024 frames
Current I/O buffer frame size : 512

Volume Control
Physical: No
Virtual: Yes
Max volume alert: Disabled

MQA capability
Auto-detect MQA devices: Yes
Not a MQA device, user set to not MQA
DSD capability: Unhandled

Device audio channels
Preferred stereo channels L:1 R:2
Channel bitmap: Ox3, layout:
Channel 0 mapped to 0
Channel 1 mapped to 1

Audio channels in use
Number of channels: 2
Use as stereo device only: No
Simple stereo device: Yes

1 output streams:
Number of active channels: 2, in 1 stream(s)
Channel #0 :Stream 0 channel 0
Channel #1 :Stream 0 channel 1

Stream ID 0x75 2 channels starting at 1
2 virtual formats:
2 ch Mixable linear PCM Interleaved 32 little endian Signed Float 44.1kHz
1 ch Mixable linear PCM Interleaved 32 little endian Signed Float 16kHz

2 physical formats
1 ch Mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 16kHz
2 ch Mixable linear PCM Interleaved 32 little endian Signed Float 44.1kHz

Local devices found : 2
Device #0: ID 0x74 SONY
Manufacturer: Apple Inc.
Model UID: de1 54c
UID: 88-C9-E8-14-14-D3:output
Model name: Apple Inc. SONY
Device #1: ID 0x48 iMac Speakers
Manufacturer: Apple Inc.
Model UID: Speaker
UID: BuiltInSpeakerDevice
Model name: Apple Inc. iMac Speakers


UPnP devices found : 0


Chromecast devices found : 0

Hi @Kenemi, I think it’s something linked to how MacOS works as on my end I have the same behavior whatever the device I use with Bluetooth. I will ask Damien for confirmation if we can do something about it or not.

If I’m not mistaken, there is a setting ‘mediakeys’, this must be enabled. When Audirvana is active, media keys control Audirvana. This has been a ‘challenge’ for a long time because it does not work well with all hardware. While all kinds of other software make this work. I created a script for my Hegel media keys that captures the commands and sends them to Audirvana. Then it does work.

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