Please add filtering in the remote!

Please add filtering on the remote! I mainly listen to classical music and need to be able to filter on genre, composer, artist, etc. Until that is added, the remote is of limited usefulness to me. The older remote app was much more functional in this regard.
Also, it would be very helpful to have the option to show the results of the filtering in a list with the full album names, as some of those names are long (e.g., Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major, Op, 55 (Eroica)-Honeck)
Thanks for your work on this. It is much appreciated!

Once again after the trial extension runs out :sob:

Depuis que je suis passé à la version studio il m’est impossible d’effectuer des filtres dans la rubrique Qobuz avec remote. On ne peut que parcourir les classement nouveautés, sélection etc … c’est dommage vraiment !