Plugin VST3 Equalizer in audirvana

What VST3 Equalizer plugin do you recommend for Audirvana windows 10 (64bit)? Something reliable to not spoil the sound. Well thank you.


I know two free equalizers, the first :

  • SonEQFree by Sonimus, really simple, not a lot of functions but good ones and some effects, it can be respectful of the sound or not (read the manual it’s very usefull)

-Marvel GEQ by Voxengo, straight to the point, a linear-phase equalizer with 16 bands, better for fine tuning, i think it is very good to not distort the sound

(Sorry for my english i did my best x) )

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I tried Marvel GEQ from Voxengo and when I added one frequency I started bursting in loudspeakers at higher volume! I immediately uninstalled Marvel GEQ from Voxengo. He won’t be that good.

Did you set the output volume lower ?if you add 3db on a frequency you have to lower the output volume by 3db minimum

If you don’t do that you’ll have saturation like you had, i did the mistake x)

I added one frequency + 3 db and one cut - 3db.
The burst was heard only by the frequencies where I added.
I cannot control the output volume in equalizers.

So I don’t use the Equalizer. I solved it by replacing the network cable Harmonix X-DC2 for Lessloss Signature where my frequencia adjusted without equalizer. It’s interesting and unbelievable, but it is.
Equalizer would be good if you could set it up like it is in JRiver

I know that this thread is pretty old but didn’t wanted to open a new one with the same subject.
So, about the EQ plugins, I found be awesome the Marvel GEQ, by Voxengo.
It integrated very well in my Audirvana, and also, one of the best EQ settings I’ve found is the one which I want to share with you, because maybe there are another users which still use this plugin.