Suggestions for parametric eq plugins

I need a vst plugin that has at least 3 fully parametric bands and a shelving high and low bands. I don’t mind spending a little dough. I use Audeze LCD i4 in ears which are fantastic, but require specific eq to sound their best.
Any ideas or suggestions?

This plug-in is aimed at professionals and priced as such, but it’s simply mind blowingly good:

FabFilter Pro-Q 3

I have an semi-audiophile-grade setup, so I didn’t mind spending the $ on the EQ as it makes a big difference with my Hifiman Arya headphones.

If you search their forums you can ask for a 10% off coupon, which helps a little bit with the price.

Also for quality but less money take a look here:

Free trial.

And more on this topic in our forum here:

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I bought Voxengo and I find it satisfactory

Thanks, guys. I have the demo’s of the FabFilter and the Voxengo. The Voxengo sounds good and is easy to use. The FabFilter sounds great but there is more of a learning curve. I’ll probably get the FabFilter.

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