Primephonic support please!

I am another Audirvana fan and it really shines when playing big dynamic classic soundtracks ie John Williams… Audirvana needs to be connected to Primephonic! It’s a match made in Heaven and now that Primephonic is getting really popular now not to mention they have some great 4 month deals right now wink wink…But even bigger is that Classical genre is the fastest growing music section in America source via NPR. All of us audiophiles that are finally buying all types of DACs so we can take our hi-res with us is a massive plus! Primephonic streams hi-res and you all have all the apps and ios apps. I am really surprised this hasn’t happened yet? They have been around for sometime like you guys but now is the time to PLEASE make it streamable through Audirvana!!! This would get all the old guys that are finally playing there DACs and Vinyl are interested in streaming hi-res classical…Through your desktop apps and ios apps

Mr. Duke of Duke Audio


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