Problem syncing big library ios app

I have installed Audirvana on a new windows 10 audio pc with an internal 5tb (4600 albums) storage. When I connect my iPad or iPhone, both with the latest os to the core, the library (Artists and Albums) don’t sync. When I connect my Android tablet or Android phone everything is working fine! Has anybody the same issue with the iOS remote app (latest version)?

Maybe a sill question … did you entered the authorization pin on both iPad and iPhone apps?

Sure, I did! On my Android devices the loading of the library works!
This is a screenshot of how it looks like!

Try to check this thread Audirvana Remote connection issue to Windows 10?

I know this thread! I can connect to the core, but a large library won’t load on iOS remote devices!

Hello @IRSI, If you try to load a different view with albums in the Remote, do you have the same issue?

Hi Damien!

This doesn’t solve the problem too!

I think I will uninstall Audirvana, because of using my Audio PC headless, I can’t do it without a remote!