Progress bar stop and show nothing

Hi, Audirvana trial user here.
My Audirvana is in NUC, and I control it with iPad app.
When I play multiple tracks on queue or just play some playlist, progress bar on bottom moving correctly as music playing for first couple tracks, and stops working. Tracks keep playing, but only progress bar shows just grey colored bar only. No purple colored bar shows, impossible to move track time by clicking or scrolling progress bar. But when I click to change next or previous track, it working again.

This problem happens always.
Audirvana is not connected playing device such as DAC directly, I only use DLNA/UPNP devices for play, whichs are connected to DAC via USB or Coaxial cable. My player devices are Melco N1A and OPPO UDP-203.

When this happen, Audirvana on windows NUC also progress bar stops working. See attachments:

This is Windows Audirvana. See the progress bar. All greyed out but continue to play.

This is iPad app. Also progress bar stops working.

One more thing, this play playlist, how can I start play with one of the list track? When I select certain track within playlist, it shows whole album. Can’t just start that track. Instead, I have to press play button on playlist, then it start from the very first track. It is really annoying, that I can’t start middle of any track on playlist. Is there any way to do it?

Thanks in advance, and happy new year to all!

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i reported this issue before, happens on me too.
plus has some ui glitches.

I found your post about a month ago you posted. You send log files. And nothing? Nobody reply any useful answer like it is under fixing process, just acknowledged by development team, something like that??
I am sure it will not fix before my trial expires…

all i know is that the team look at it… so sweat waiting all i cam say…

I found solution for the can’t select individual track to play in certain playlist - there is “eye” icon on playlist (see attachment picture), when it is purple color, each track select to show whole album, then click again to change color to grey - then click track to play, or press three dot icon at far right can select how play this track.

Hope this will help someone who has same question.

But still, progress bar issue is there. I think that it reported by many users, and Audirvana trying to figure out solution for fix. Hope to see some positive answer from Antoine! :slight_smile:

One thing that I newly found is, some small message rounded box shows on bottom and it said something like “Request Error”, and very quickly disappear, couple times, I can’t capture this screen though. Progress bar is flicking few times while this error message shows. After that, progress bar is greyed out and disappear, but not stop working.
JonneyFire, this flickering bar is what you said “some ui glitches”?

While progress bar is greyed out, I still can touch it to change playing location, then purple progress bar is appear again and work, for few tracks only.

Hi @vcastceo,

Since you are using a UPNP output with Audirvāna, the progress bar time is sent by your unit itself, do you have the same behavior if you try to play a WAV track (if you do not have one, I can give you one) using a different app to this unit?

I understand that the progress bar info is come from UPNP device to Audirvana server(windows). Remote also get info from Audirvana windows program. Since this “Sever” has to get playback time sync info from connected UPNP/DLNA devices, there should have some lost sync timing issue exist, I guess.

Since I don’t use local playback such as DAC connected directly to Audirvana via WASAPI nor kernel streaming, I have no idea if there is any this kind of issue exist with local playback.
Someone who use wasapi or kernel streaming to DAC (local playback), please jump in and tell us if there is this seekbar issue exist.

For my short knowledge and experience,
With mConnect(sorry for always compare with mConnect), this app is purely use UPNP/DLNA only and there was no playback timing sync/seekbar issue whatsoever.

With JRemote(Jriver Media Server Remote app, iOS), it can play local or DLNA compatible music server’s source files, network drive files as Audirvana can uses, can play to UPNP/DLNA devices, never have this kind of seekbar issue almost 10 years of using.

With JPlay(JCAT’s DLNA/UPNP control app, it plays Tidal/Qobuz/local library) has had timing issues however. It has options that I can set seekbar progress sync time which users can set minimum 1 sec to 15sec, if I set to 1, there is always problem that app can’t show correct progress position and even impossible to play. It can set sync timing value for each device, independently. After that, there was no issues.

In the matter of local file, I have plenty of library which contains flac, wav, aac, mp3, dsf files from 44.1Kz to 192KHz, DSD 64 to DSD 256. And it has all same issues. See the attachment picture, it is local file(not in windows PC storage but network drive, as connected network drive in windows) play, album is located in Melco’s internal disk and is shared with SMB protocol.

And it is 4th track on album, first, second, third track has no seekbar problem. Where/when seerkbar time progress stop showing is purely random. Sometimes just second track, sometimes 3th, 5th. This problem starts at all kind of sources…

And thanks for your attention concerning this specific issue, please find solution soon(and I believe that Audirvana’s people can fix it for sure)!! :wink:

I believe this could be an issue with the manufacturer’s implementation of UPnP.

The reason I say this is because I had exactly the same behavior with a microRendu streamer. Then I bought a mini-PC and installed Linux and a Linux UPnP application on it that adheres strictly to the UPnP standard, which many manufacturers do not. Since I began using this mini-PC as my streamer I have had no further issues with UPnP.

It means many streamers which Audirvana uses as playing device has compatible issues with standard UPNP protocol, right?
Then many universal controller/bridge player like Audirvana should have this troublesome behavior/issues because of none-standard UPNP devices like, your microRendo and my Melco and OPPO… then it is no more “Universal” software… how then mConnect and JRemote can handle this? That I don’t get it. Roon is another story because it is not UPNP nor DLNA.

In fact, I love Audirvana because it sounds excellent. It is lively, and it has different nuance. And I love it. Despite some errors and issues, it is still very nice software. I did use many of this kind programs but Audirvana has most “less” issues, all others has their own problems and issues.

Yes, that’s what people say about UPnP - it is the most non-standard “standard.”

The player applications cope with these variations with different degrees of success, depending on several factors. In fact some manufacturers think of their variations as a competitive advantage that requires you to use their software or hardware to get their streamers to work properly all the time.

That is why I like to see efforts like Plays With Audirvāna, which tells me that, small as the company is, it is making efforts to reach out to manufacturers.

Edit: And this is a major reason why I did my own streamer, so I don’t have to wait for a manufacturer to change its implementation.

That is absurd… I myself am also programmer, so I understand how it is difficult and time consuming process for make program generally working… and manufacturers “add” or “mod” standard UPNP protocol in order to their own “special” features, it is no more standard and third party software companies has serious burden on there shoulder to cope with it, as you said…
Thanks for your info about it, I didn’t know that… anyway I believe that Audirvana will have some solution, as they did for many years. Let’s wait and see with finger crossed… :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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I’m not a programmer, but making my own streamer was not hard. I made sure the result would have excellent sound quality. If you are interested, let me know - I will be glad to share. (Of course it is also quite possible you know what to do without any help from me. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hi @vcastceo,

If I asked you if you tried WAV files with other apps, it’s because in UPNP with our software, we encapsulate any PCM file in WAV to not alter it during the transfer of the track to the unit. This can cause some issues on some units and thus, that’s why I want to know if you have been able to try the same unit with a WAV track using those apps.

Ah!! Ok I understand. I will check with WAV file to send my UPNP player when I’m back home. I have album which only contains WAV files. Will let you know the result.

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I hope you don’t mind chiming in but I would like to react to the proposal @Jud made.

I too have UPnP issues. Not during playback but at startup it takes minutes and several trial and error attempts to connect Audirvāna to my iFi Zen Stream. The log file shows all kinds of UPnP errors. Once established the connection remains stable though.

I have considered alternative hardware options but they come at a price. Another streamer? Not sure whether it will not have UPnP issues as well. USB direct is not an option because my 10 year old Lyngdorf digital amp does not have USB. I have been looking at USB/SPDIF converters but not sure what affordable ones will bring in terms of sound quality.

Therefore, @Jud, if you don’t mind sharing details on the streamer you have built, I would be very much interested.


AnoNom, I wish I could help you, but my solution uses USB output. And I agree that I don’t know what a USB to SPDIF converter would do in terms of fidelity. So my apologies if I got your hopes up. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi Antoine,
I am testing now with my .wav 16bit/44.1KHz file album, with 10 tracks inside.
Start playing, first 2 track goes nicely as always, but when it start 3rd track, seekbar/progess bar stop working again.
I just hit next button, it skip to 4th track at once, and progress bar working again and it stops working again when 4th track end and 5th track start.
So, wav files also has same problem…

Thanks for your generous offer to support make my own streamer.
I indeed make my own streamer before, with raspberry 4 and Rasbian(linux) os, added OCXO clock version. It has nice SQ, when connect USB to my Chord M-Scaler.
I drop idea to use my own has couple reasons, but first and most important reason was, I was tired of endless take care of device as it same as small pc which need attention to software and os upgrade.
So finally I was looking for device which can run without my good take care like mini computer, try Aurender, Lumin, Rose, and finally Melco which has big internal ssd(6TB) with minimserver integrated, fully working DLNA/UPNP/OpenHome server/bridge/streamer device with isolated network and USB featured machine.

But to find more perfect and nice control point software, I found myself that it also need computer… what the great story is! So I buy small windows machine for Audirnava, again. :frowning: :cold_sweat:
And here I am… struggle with irritating bugs… while I test many software, there is not that “perfect” software exist, not even Melco’s own control app(it is mConnect family app and it inherits same problem as mConnect has).

What I am thinking now is that I have to give up and compromise some points and stop looking for “perfect for my taste” software…! Sadly it is true. I just realize it. :slight_smile:

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