Qobuz downloads merging Audirvana

Hi, Everybody. I’m a new audirvana user and I’m trying to merge my qobuz offline library (my downloaded files) in the audirvana local library. I selected every single folder on the “imports” folder from Qobuz and I synced them in Audirvana,which took some time because there were 1400 folders. After that I cannot see those albums in the local folder nor in an “offline” qobuz folder inside Audirvana . Is it me who´s doing something wrong or Audirvana just doesn’t support the Qobuz offline library to be used as that, a library without internet?
They are not purchased albums, just downloaded using my membership.
I do not want to stream archives that I already have in my MBP stored in Qobuz.
Anyone could tell?
If being that the case, does anybody know if Roon has that capability (play local Qobuz files as local) and without internet?
After doing the aforementioned things, I disconnected my Qobuz account, restarted the mac and Audirvana, which systematically crashed when opened. I had to reinstall it and reconnect Qobuz, but those files are still not appearing as local, or part of an offline library. The albums just appear as any favorite album, with no difference at all. I put my mbp in airplane mode and every Qobuz album disappears, so they must not have been copied as a local or offline folder.
Thanks for your help and sorry if I made mistakes, but english is not my first language.
Also thanks to @OffRode for helping me in the Qobuz forum.

Hey @Rodrigo1 , good to see you made it. How about you post a screenshot of your home page. Here’s what mine looks like.

Hopefully you don’t have any restrictions on your forum account that will prevent this.

Mine is exactly the same as yours.

So you are saying your “offline” collection, you don’t mean the ones that you use when you’re offline and flying in an airliner do you? Your english skills are awesome, just making sure we’re on the same page.

My downloaded albums, to listen offline in Qobuz, are not available when I get offline in Audirvana. My local mp3s, ripped CDs, etc. (my personal files or archives) are available.
The problem is with the archives from the “imports” folder created by Qobuz. I’ll send another screenshot

There you see the folders added. SOme might be in manual sync (paradoxically Audirvana automatically made them manual) and others in AUTO, as every one should be.
But otherwise being there I can erase them all and they will still appear in favorites if I’m online…

Ok, pardon my density. You DO want to use the stuff that download from Qobuz for offline play. No I don’t think you can, that’s only for use with the Qobuz app while you’re offline. Like I do when flying, phone set to airplane mode? I don’t think it’s possible. But let’s see what the other comments from the community might think.

Don’t think that you can do this with the R product either, they have ARC thing but that requires full internet connection at your base, and cellular or data connection to your remote device.

Thanks for your answer.
It looks as it is like that. What kind of integration is this? I think you must be able to use your downloaded archives in “partner” apps like this one and Roon. To stream, I don’t need nor this one nor Roon…
I hope there is a way to get things done.

You sure you want your metadata screwed with?

It was intended to complete artwork and stuff from the albums from my library, many of them out of the streaming services (pirate lives, etc.). But almost nothing was done by the app…

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Well I’m thinking that the Qobuz app allowing you to “download” is just meant for convenience while you’re offline temporarily. Where you live do you have a lot of disruption of internet connection? The R thing requires constant communication with the internet pretty much now.

Some of us have a poor experience with MusicBrainz, if you have your metadata dialed in I would suggest passing on it.

Yes, that is not a problem. The issue is streaming and using internet data, plus making your machine work, instead of using local files (with the less latency, usage of bandwidth).
And Roon is substantially more expensive than Audirvana (preferences aside) for the task of unifying a music library

Ok , yes I’m getting with your requirements now, sorry about the confusion. With the Roon you cannot even listen to your own music collection without an active internet connection. That’s a tough one, issue that my internet service situation doesn’t have. You can play your local files for a proscribed time before Studio needs internet, I don’t know the time limit offhand. Audirvāna Orgin has a longer time frame between internet connection requirements but it’s local files only. @Antoine can tell you more about that.

I knew that Roon had made some changes over internet connection on its 1.8 version. Plus Roon doesn’t have (as I´m concerned) the unsampling possibilities and filters & eq things that Audirvana offers. I think that I’ll stick to Audirvana after the free month, while downloading in native Qobuz what I want to have when I travel. But I think that the partnerships or associations within the streamers and Audirvana should include the offline reproduction of content, as a service. I don’t see what the issue can be not allowing that while you can have a local library full of illegal music (referring as to not copyrighted).
I hope @Antoine has an answer for my primite question,
And thanks again for your dedication to solve my issue.
Have a good weekend

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Good deal Rodrigo, pleasure meeting with you. I’ll post a bit more about the Roon thing versus Studio. I’m curious to learn more about how internet service works for you in Argentina, sounds interesting :face_with_monocle:

Origin or Studio need to connect once a month maximum for license checking, this can be selected in the preferences of the software.

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Answering you and @OffRode, the problem is not internet en Argentina (we have decent internet, ie. I have 500MB stable connection at home, which is good for my family use).
The issue was that I wanted my albums all in one place (Audirvana) and available with or without internet (as to go on a flyfishing trip to the middle of nowhere and listen to whatever I want, not having to use cellular data).
@OffRode what’s interesting is not the internet but the economics and politics in Argentina. Weird
Thanks @RunHomeSlow for your comments!

bring a computer with Audirvana on and with external hard drive for your music or in computer drive… You can play all you want for a month, that is origin. you can’t stream without internet i think, i not use Studio…