Qobuz Playlist window stretches beyond bottom of screen


Audirvana Studio stretches beyond bottom of screen (underneath dock) after the following actions. Qobuz > Playlists: (Section HI-RES) Choose a playlist and then press < key.

Current solution: resize window from top or restart program.

Audirvana 1.10.2 MacOS 12.1



I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who sees this. It’s not only Qobuz, local screens do the same thing:

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Hey guys can I join the club? Yep me as well, last week or so I’m thinking

Let’s see what @Antoine can figure out

I first posted about this on 12/23 - so it’s been around for about a month.

Very good, I may have not noticed exactly what was going on with it. Your post explains it very well, good job! You had no response from @Antoine ?
He will see it now for sure, hopefully a easy fix can be implemented.


I forget to mention the use of “see all”. Situation gets considerably worse by using Menubar: Window > Tile Window to left of screen. Now the screen goes black. This is solved by using mission control to start another desktop.

Thanks for the use of screen shot.

Bye, bye.

Yes - @Antoine responded to my Jan 8 post, not with a solution but at least I know he saw it. I’m certainly looking forward to a fix!!!

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I had the same problem the other night. For my Mac I pushed the green button at the top of the page- just to see what would happen. Not only showed me all of what Qobuz albums for the artist but showed wnat was playing now as well. My cure.

I don’t have this issue on my Big Sur MacOS but perhaps Damien will have it. I will need to check this issue with him since he is using MacOS Monterey.

I just signed up for Qobuz and I’m seeing this problem for the first time in Audirvana Studio on my macOS Monterey (12.2.1). I don’t know if it’s worth noting, but I have monitors physically stacked vertically. I don’t know if it’s seeing that thinking it has more vertical real-estate to work with, but it does make it taller than a single monitor. It really shouldn’t resize on its own, at all, though.


This is a known issue and @Antoine and @Damien are currently working on a fix. Hang in there and it should be sorted hopefully soon


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