Qobuz volume is way too loud

Does anyone know why Qubuz plays so loud by default? On my system it is bare minimum 10 db louder than playing files from my library via A+. This doesn’t make sense unless the Qubuz has added volume to each album before including in their library.

Granted I can turn the volume down either through A+ or my pre-amp but it shouldn’t be this way in my opinion.


Hello @RobO, have you enabled Replay Gain in the Volume control settings in Audirvana?

Hi @Damien3 thanks for the comment and reply. No I have not done this, and in fact not knowing exactly what it does have ignored the Replay Gain button altogether. So I should ask, what exactly is and what does this do?

The loudness of every track is different from each track to another (also for albums), that’s why you have different level of loudness when your listening to your music. Replay Gain is here to have the same loudness for each of your track (or album), you can find replay gain information for each track in the metadata of the file. Unfortunately for track from streaming service this information is not available but you can set Replay Gain in your Audio settings in Audirvana to benefit of it.