Quality 2-channel equaliser (audio unit) for A+?

I have been trying unsuccessfully for some time to find an audio unit for Audirvana that will allow me to boost for my loss of hearing as shown on a hearing test audiogram.

I need to correct independently for each channel for stereo listening to classical music via MacBook Pro driving Hugo 2 DAC on Shure 1541 headphones (ie different corrections of up to about 60 dB (!) max at a variety of frequencies).

Hearing aids are pretty useless for classical music as their amplifiers are too harsh.

Would be very grateful for pointer to an AU that fits the bill.

Do you really need an equalizer? Maybe you just need control over the channels?
Take a look at DMG’s TRACKCONTROL. It’s high quality and it’s free if you open an account. Not sure if this it what you are looking for.

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Thanks very much, Alberto, for taking the trouble to reply.

As far as I can understand the comprehensive functions of TRACKCONTROL, it does not provide what I need. TC does look extremely impressive, but I think I probably do require a dual-channel graphic equaliser.

Kind regards


Have anybody tried to install “ReaPlugs VST v2.36 64-bit”?

I have Voxengo Marvel GEQ and SonEQ installed, but the ReaPlugs will not appear, anybody have a solution?

Can you check if you see your plugin at this location? C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3

This is the location where VST3 are stored, the ReaPlugs is not here, this means it’s not a VST3 plugin, it’s a VST plugin and we don’t support this type of plugin.

Ok, thanks for helping! I like Audirvana big time, and this is just a minor bump in a road. :innocent: :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait a minute, the VoxengoMarvelGEQ works fine, that neither installed as a VST3 plugin, see screens - but its working fine? I remember I tweaked when installed, can’t remember what I did, but I changed install-directory…

to be sure if you have installed a VST3 plugin, take a look a the extension of the file :wink:

:sweat_smile: :innocent:

Thanks very much

Hi Nick, Did you find a good EQ for your hearing issue? I’m guessing that you need a boost in the higher frequency in one ear predominately?
I have that problem due to rupture of left eardrum, headphones are still pretty good stereo imaging but I would like to try to have adjustments available. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I’m on MAC as well.

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I like the fabfilter proQ3 eq

There is the option of applying separate EQ for left and right.

With any kind of EQ, apply it with care. Boosting can cause problems. Especially if no gain correction is applied.


Hello Jacob, Hope all is going well with you and your family.
Thanks for the info on the EQ. I’m going to have to figure out how to install it into my Studio. Do you know if a good tutorial is available?
I’ll be checking in the forum audio units section and see what I can figure out.
Enjoy the music :notes:

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It shouldn’t be that complicated to get the plugins in Audirvana. Depending on the plug-in, it has an installer or the separate plug-in files. (For Windows VST3 and OSX AU) If the files are in the default folder then restart the PC, start Audirvana and they will be available in the list.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3


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The original question in this thread is a serious one. 60dB of boost in part of the spectrum will cause problems digital and analog.

The original signal will have to be attenuated more than 60dB to create space to be able to amplify 60dB.

The amplifier and loudspeaker/headphones are going to receive an enormous amount of energy in a part of the spectrum that they were never designed for.

When you start listening on a serious level, you start clipping amplifiers and smoking loudspeakers.

Jacob, Thanks for the advice I’ve gotten the Overtone GEQ installed and it works quite nicely. Not sure if Nick’s 60db spec is accurate for his application as that would be pretty mega ! As far as my needs it easily adjusts a bit of overall boost to left channel and then pushing up the treble frequency is great
It would be helpful if perhaps down the line each DAC would have the ability to have its own profile. This way my headphones DAC would holding the plug in on and my Oppo205 for speakers would be flat.

Good day

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My audio geek heart always opts for a parametric EQ over a graphic EQ. And even better a version with the letters PRO. :wink:

Different settings per DAC, or at least easily accessible through presets during a change, have been suggested several times. But I don’t think it’s high on the priority list yet. There is still plenty of other work to do.

Most importantly, we continue to enjoy the music.

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