Quality 2-channel equaliser (audio unit) for A+?

I have been trying unsuccessfully for some time to find an audio unit for Audirvana that will allow me to boost for my loss of hearing as shown on a hearing test audiogram.

I need to correct independently for each channel for stereo listening to classical music via MacBook Pro driving Hugo 2 DAC on Shure 1541 headphones (ie different corrections of up to about 60 dB (!) max at a variety of frequencies).

Hearing aids are pretty useless for classical music as their amplifiers are too harsh.

Would be very grateful for pointer to an AU that fits the bill.

Do you really need an equalizer? Maybe you just need control over the channels?
Take a look at DMG’s TRACKCONTROL. It’s high quality and it’s free if you open an account. Not sure if this it what you are looking for.

Thanks very much, Alberto, for taking the trouble to reply.

As far as I can understand the comprehensive functions of TRACKCONTROL, it does not provide what I need. TC does look extremely impressive, but I think I probably do require a dual-channel graphic equaliser.

Kind regards