Radio questions

  1. I got an experimental “high(er)” quality link of the Dutch radio NPO klassiek, but it seems I cannot add it to favourites. It shows the heart before the link, but I cannot select it. Bug or feature!?
  2. I can upsample radio station to the max of my device (T+A Dac200). Normally I set the upsampling to dsd512 (via Ifi streamer) for my local music so I have to switch to another sampling rate the moment I choose Radio. Is the upsampling to dsd in Radio not possible? Bug or feature?

Hi @DonaldM,

Regarding the radio you play with a link, you can add it to a playlist to store it, but you can’t add it to your favorites yet.
Upsampling should works whatever if you play a Radio or not. You do not have the option with your T+A selected on Audirvāna?

Only pcm upsamplings works to even 24-768. But dsd no sound from dsd64 to dsd512. Ifi is the streamer for dsd512 as intermediate. This works with local music upsampling to dsd512 without problem.

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As far as I know Audirvana only upsamples from PCM sources and does not upsample from DSD sources. So this is not a specific radio issue, but simply a limitation for all sources (local files, streaming services etc.). In other words PCM will upsample fine to DSD512, but DSD64/128/256 will not be upsampled at all.

Please paste your Debug information here so we can see your configurations… It is found here: Settings–> My Account–> Help–> Debug info

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Yes I know. I probably was not clear enough: I ment upsampling from pcm to dsd. With dop it worked to dsd256.

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I have exactly the same behavior with radio stations.

In my case I have Audirvana running on Linux currently (I can try Windows and Mac if desired), my streamer is another Linux box on which I’ve installed mpd and upmpdcli, and my DAC is iFi with maximum PCM capability of 768kHz and maximum DSD rate of DSD512.

Audirvana upsamples local sources and Qobuz to DSD512 with no problem, but radio stations won’t play at any DSD rate. Audirvana upsamples radio stations all the way to 768kHz PCM, but not to DSD.

Hi @DonaldM and @Jud,

Are you both using the iFi Neo Stream?

Yes, I use the Neo Stream with the latest software update which makes a digital-to-digital pass through connection possible. As stated before DOP upsampling to dsd256 does work with Radio.

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Hi @Antoine ,

No, I am using as a streamer the Fitlet3 minicomputer with optional optical Ethernet input, on which I have installed a minimal Arch Linux without GUI, mpd and upmpdcli.

The streamer is then attached by USB to the iFi NEO iDSD DAC. However, I experienced the same thing before I had this DAC and this streamer. The first few builds of Studio (for Mac and Windows) did not have the issue, but all builds since then have.

Radio upsampling to DSD works with a direct USB connection, but not over UPnP.

Thanks @Jud. So it is a bug and not a feature.
Hopefully @Antoine can have it repaired.


@Antoine @Jud

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The official release was a few days after I posted.
I reported to the development team of Ifi that after a few hours the Neo Stream freezes and a restart is necessary. They will look into it.