Recently added not working

By default there is a ‘Recently added’ playlist under ‘My Playlists’. However, it is not displaying any tracks, and I have synched and added tracks in the last few days that are showing in my local library.

I tried to manually create a playlist using filters to bring in recently added content. According to a post in this thread there should be a filter for ‘Added date’. However, I am not seeing an option for ‘Added date’ when I click on the dropdown menu.

I’m on latest Windows version. Am I missing something?

Hello @brewce,

When you have the Recently Added, can you click on the Filter icon and send a screenshot?

Hi @Antoine

This is a normal playlist, to get the Recently added tracks to be automatically added, you need to create a smart playlist by going here and clicking on the playlist with the thunder:


After doing this, open the filter editor and add the filter Added Date

The normal playlist was the default ‘Recently added’ playlist that was added automatically.

Have created a smart playlist, but still cannot see ‘Added date’ in the filters.

Can you open the playlist manager and send a screenshot so I can see all of your playlists?

Sure, not much to see.



This is a smart playlist, the playlist you have are manual playlists. Again, you need to click on the playlist icon with a thunder to create a smart playlist: