Refund request (software does not work properly)

I bought the software (audirvana) a long time ago. I barely use the software because there is a bug that does not allow me to operate the software as it should work.
The problem is known and many users have complained about the same issue.
You can see the (very long) post at the following link:
I’m asking for a refund for the software not working properly.

You want a refund because media transport keys don’t work?

If this keyboard bug annoys you, use Audirvana with the remote.

If you bought it long ago, why you did not try it first?
How the company can be sure that you did not play tracks with it for many months or years, and now you want a refund?


I used the software in a windows workspace. audirvana works just fine with microsoft. I bought a mac and thought everything would work well. At first I used the remote’s app. But when I switched to working with the keyboard I discovered that my problem is not personal but a bug that many users experience. You can see that the post on the subject was written a long time ago (2019) by another user.
It is not possible that software that deals with playing music will not be able to transfer a song with the buttons that are designed for that on the keyboard.

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It’s a bit funny to ask for a refund on a piece of software that has been discontinued.

I can understand your annoyance, but did you try the solution discussed in the thread?

I tried everything I know to fix the problem.
It is important to note that the buttons on the keyboard work great with tidal, spotify, apple music, deezer, jriver, etc. If I want to use the remote (from the phone) to transfer a song I need to open the phone and the app and then click on next or previous. Not something that works from the lock screen. In short I do not care about the money I already realized that I made a mistake but it is a pity that “Audirvana” team cant solve a problem that has existed since 2019.

I believe that it will take a lot of time to fix the bugs of A3.5, if ever, because Audirvana Studio has the priority, and it has a lot of bugs of its own.

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I just checked the media buttons in audirvana studio and the same phenomenon exists.

Studio inherited of many bugs of A3.5, and has also its own bugs.