Regarding Discord connection

Just wanted to ask if there are plans for an official Discord rich presence setting for AV?

I would like to know this too ?
Is there a reason to not having this integration yet ?

You referring to the social media platform, Discord?

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If so, why?
Audirvana is a music player… is that not enough?

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It seems there is a discussion here about this as well (since 2018):

Discord Rich Presence Integration - Feedback / Feature Suggestions - Roon Labs Community

It doesn’t seem Roon is going to implement it any time soon either. BTW I would like a FaceBook integration in Audirvana so I can let people know what music I am listening to. Also maybe an integration with Microsoft Teams, so we can plan listening sessions together?

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I think there is a reason that besides you nobody reacted to the original post in this thread. Maybe a lack of interest?
If you really want this do a feature request in the User Voice category of this forum. There people can vote in favor of this feature or not. But I can give you my reason (also said by @reddog1 ): not many people see the point of integrating a social media platform like Discord in a music player.

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There’s plenty of sites/forums where you can share what you’re listening to, this is one!
Leave the player alone.


Huh? I think there’s plenty of people interested in this feature. All other platforms (except for Roon but there’s a fan-made mod too) have some kind of discord integration and there’s no reason not to implement it. It’s way overdue.

Since I’m using Audirvana 3.5, I’ve given up anyway but a plug-in of some kind that isn’t tied to the app itself is still possible to implement.
However, my original post was about an in-app (toggle) setting for the latest AV version. It really isn’t that difficult to implement. My friends and probably more users than you’d expect would appreciate it.
In the end it’s just a gimmick so I get it.
Of course we can always vote or make a survey but I’m not expecting the AV team to do anything since they’re either VERY passive, or they’re a small team, or for the lack of a better word they’re “lazy” / not that passionate about their work anyway.

Post a feature request in the User Voice category of this forum. That is the right place to make requests like these. There forum members can vote if they are interested in this feature or not.
Looking at the reactions in this thread I doubt if many people are, but you never know.

And yes, as far as I know, Audirvana is a small team, but it seems a bit unfair to call them ‘lazy’ or ‘not that passionnate’ because you think Discord is important. If even the Roon team (assumably larger) did not deem it important enough, why blame the AV team?
Another person made a feature request for scrobbling and that certainly made it into Audirvana Studio. Also seeing the regular updates and improvements in Audirvana Studio and Origin, I would not call the AV team lazy or not passionate.

And before you ask: No I am not a shareholder (I don’t think they have shares) and also not a member of / employed by Audirvana :rofl:


It isn’t unfair at all, it’s a basic feature. I never said discord is important. It’s just about seeing what track/album you’re currently playing from AV in real-time.
If you’re not using discord it doesn’t mean no one does. Even if AVs userbase consisted of mostly elderly people I’m sure some of them would use discord :nerd_face:. I don’t know about a Facebook integration since that platform is pretty much dying but I’m sure there are some people.

Writing code for this is not easy but it’s doable in a day or two for passionate devs that work in similar projects. There are also other plug-ins that I’m assuming could be modified for AV.

Edit Also, regarding user votes: I’m pretty sure the AV forum users aren’t really representing the actual AV userbase, right? There might be less interest due to the ‘nature’ of these forum users (not trying to offend anyone^). At least from what I’ve seen so far. Also, not many people in this forum are active, its basically the same ten people in every thread + you need an account for voting in polls…

I just find it really weird, this obsession with sharing your life with random, faceless entities.Is it that it makes the sharer feel important, should someone respond with a tick?
Oh, this avatar likes the same song, we must be soulmates!
I have disconnected myself from the intrusiveness of social media, I don’t want it to weedle it’s way back into my life by way of my choice of music player. For fucks sake, you can’t even buy a toaster that’s not ‘web connected’ these days, it’s ridiculous.

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I don’t use Discord, Facebook rarely but I don’t understand why to not be open to things like this. If you don’t want don’t use the option. For example I can look at @reddog1 listening history and think “wow, what an interesting rock band, not listened many songs from them, let’s check!”. Especially if I appreciate @reddog1 musical taste. Also other people may see “Audirvana” and think if they are passionate for musc and sound “let’s try”. Indeed other (free) players and platforms have such options and many more. I don’t think AS can only be compared with Roon

we have the facility to share in this forum, and i have checked out a few artists after recommendations on here, so that opportunity exists. and i feel there’s no need for sharing to be integrated into the player. but, if that’s the way of the world, so be it… as long as i can opt out.

I use discord more as a messenger app with friends, for me, the social media aspect is a small percentage most of the time. If you see someone playing music from AV in a server that also works as some sort of advertisement for Audirvana…But like I said, this, the most basic version of RPC, is a basic feature and there’s no reason not to implement it. You don’t have to use it. I’m pretty sure users outside of this forum will appreciate it.

There’s also the ability to link your AV account to discord via servers (in theory) but this in turn means discord has access to your account info and likely stores that info on their servers. However, this method needs a proper partnership if I recall correctly (same as PlayStation and Xbox).
It’s probably better to use plugins while discord is running in the background.
Edit: Sharing Music taste in this kind of forum is a little oldschool and I respect it. There’s other forums more appropriate for sharing your music (well, Twitter or Reddit is probably more common). But like I said multiple times, sharing your music isn’t really the single reason for this feature.

The thing with this, is that when you add a feature you have to take care of it, some will have bugs with it some will complaint about it…

I don’t listen to radios station, but even if it was working for me, some will have trouble with it, and Damien will have to waste time on those features instead of working on the main software bugs… and he has plenty already to work on :grinning: and i use Origin now…

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As long as it doesn’t intrude on the quality of Audirvana as a music player, and if it was only instigated in Studio, which would probably be the case as Origin doesn’t need web connection to run, then whatever. Having disconnected from social media, I wouldn’t want to be reconnected by stealth.

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I don’t think he wasted time working on radios because I use them. Btw, radio recording feature, wich is not a legal problem - many players can do this - is still not a feature. I think many will enjoy it, Audirvana clients are many than this forum users. Imo this player is not cheap. Is not my problem Audirvana team is so small, If you launch new features you have to take care of them, some clients will never come back if are dissapointed. I am with Audirvana and will continue to support and use it because I love his sq and simplicity, I will continue to use it even with less features.

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I don’t want somebody looking at my listening history, so i’ll be not enabling this option if it is ever included.

Giving Discord access to my account. not likely.