Remote playing DSD

Remote works ok playing DSD 64 and 128 , but frezes everytime on DSD 265. AS works fine.Remote version3.2.1 on phone and tablet. Have tried all i can think of to solve this.Any solutions ,?

Hi @Larolemol,

We have a beta of the next update of the Android version of the Remote, would you like to try it out to see if you still get your issue with it? Please send me your gmail account in a private message and I will add it to it.

I added you to the list, you can go here to find the instruction for the beta program:

Thanks for the beta did not solve my problem with playing DSD 256 remote dont work .
No problem with AS works ok

I have tried to play DSD 256 and 512 on ipad and iphone remote that works,but not on Android

Hi @Larolemol,

Can you please try to screen-record what is going on the Android version of the Beta when you reproduce the issue and send it at [email protected]?