RME ADI 2 Bit test on 24 bit WAV files fails

Thanks for the information.
Support are currently looking into this.

FYI, I tested with Roon tonight, 24bit test passes.
The issue seems to be localised with Audrivana.

Audirvana for Mac does not pass 32bit tests.
HQPlayer for Mac passes 32bit test.

Check in the settings if you by mistake have the “Limit to 24bit” enabled.

@Antoine Are we going to have support comment on this?

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Bridge settings:
Sample rate limitation: none
Sample rate switching latency: none
Limit bitdepth to 24bit: OFF
Mute during sample rate change: OFF

Is it possible to change the setting of “Limit to 24bit” ?

The lack of support/comment from Audrivana is a little concerning.
I like the Audirvana software and sound it provides, but the bit depth issue is a problem.
I will not commit to purchasing software that fails bit perfect testing.

While I wait for a response, I have moved onto Roon which passes all bit depth tests.
Hopefully we can get some clarity on this issue.

Also, I am concerned about the lack of feedback on the official Audirvana software forum.
I am a longtime user of this program / Previously on mac, now on Windows. Earlier, when I had no possibility to check bitwise compatibility, I considered this program to be the best for playing audio files, which outperformed the competition with Tidal Master support. Now that I am using RME adi2 dac. He consciously resigns from this functionality, knowing that it is not a bit perfect.

It is a pity that due to the lack of any response from the software producer, I lose my willingness to use it and look for competition, even if it is not so functional, it ensures error-free transmission audio files.

Still no answer.
What is the problem with maintaining the correct transfer of 24-bit files?
It is a great shame that the producers of the audiophile audio player are unable or unwilling to solve this problem.

What are we to think about all of this?

Get a Mac, that works.

This is not a solution when I work on windows and I bought the version of Audirvana for this system. Only because I was able to test this player I was able to find out that it has a problem with correct playback of 24 bit files. This is not a normal situation for a player that is perceived as one of the best.
The worst part of it is the lack of any response and willingness to help those responsible for this product.

It could be a bug in the Windows version or some anomaly. It’s not like anybody complained about the sound quality.

If you invested in RME DAC, it shows discerning teste for quality. It’s only logical to go all the way.

The engineer that invented asynchronous USB transfer quantified transmission errors to be 15% less on a Mac computer. If you really care about bit perfect transfer this should be enough to switch.

Here is the article:

Hello @Przemyslaw, can you try to convert the wav file in FLAC and try to play it in Audirvana? does your DAC detect it as 24 bit?

Hi Damien,

I can confirm, converting the files to flac from wav, using Dbpoweramp allows the test to pass at 24bit.
Please note, my trial of Audirvana finishes tomorrow, so I have limited testing time left.

I appreciate your response.

okay, it’s really strange, have you asked RME about this behavior or if other user of RME ADI 2 experience the same issue with this specific test?

After changing wav to flac, 24bit test passes correctly but 32bit becomes 16bit.
Thank you for your answer.

Audirvana is the only software to fail the test, using either wasapi or the RME asio driver.
Doesn’t this point to your software and not RME?
Foobar, Roon, Jriver, all pass the bit perfect tests? With Wasapi or Asio.

This is my thread on the RME site:

Daphile, Volumio and others linux based rme test also pass.

The problem is that we don’t have an RME ADI 2 so we can’t reproduce the issue here, this is why i asked you if you have contacted RME because they made the file and the DAC, so if they try to reproduce the issue on their side they would be able to tell if the issue is from Audirvana.