RME ADI 2 Bit test on 24 bit WAV files fails

I followed your messaged, you need to understand that we can’t reproduce it. Maybe it’s Audirvana but in the end if we can’t reproduce the issue, we can’t fix it.

All good. Thanks for the reply.
I appreciate your time. I understand its difficult to help, and spread your time.

From my perspective, I personally don’t have the time or inclination to pursue this further.
I have other software which plays back without issue, so i’ll stick with that for now.

I suspect if these files are not playing back bit perfect for us, other users (with alternate dacs) would also be impacted, but without a mechanism to receive feedback?
All the best.

I understand you choice and I respect it but Audirvana is really bit perfect, it has been proven by multiple DAC manufacturer and professional but I think for this case the better way to know what is the cause of this error is simply asking RME to test it on their side.

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Why then other software correctly passes the RME adi2 dac bit compatibility test?
Only Audirvana had a problem with correct transfer of 24-bit files.
Foobar2000, Jriver 23, 26, Linux (Daphile, Volumio), Audirvana for Mac passed the test.
It is not at all certain that the cooperation with other DACs is correct in the case of Audirwan on Windows. How many Dacs are there with the same transfer correctness check as RME ADI2 DAC?

Ask RME to check this. They can download the trial version if they don’t have already a version installed.

Only they know what they expect to pass the test and can check what they’re getting from Audirvana.

I stopped trying to solve this problem. The software manufacturer has exactly the same conversation opportunities with RME as I do. The link to the forum was in this thread.


Surely its in the best interest of your customers, that you would at very least touch base with RME to understand why your software would fail these tests.
You have the link, and the freedom to do so.

As a potential client, it is not my job to beta test software issues.
I have many other software options available, including Roon which offers bit perfect playback, DSP, up sampling, and Tidal integration.

It would be entirely logical to hypothesize, if bit depth is not passed for 24 bit Wav files for me and others (reported here), then others would be impacted who don’t have a mechanism to report bit depth feedback.

Perhaps the issue is isolated to the Windows Audirvana build.
Not sure, I’ll leave in your hands.

I think also there is a problem in Audirvana. Any ASIO driver works in 32 bit mode. The SW can not see what the real resolution of the DAC is. Audirvana assumes in your case that your DAC is a 32bit DAC (isn’t it showing during the playback always 32bit?)
I could imagine that it would help to offer a “limit to 24 bit” option for all ASIO drivers.
That could fix the problem (and is necessary to play files with high sound quality an SW volume control - because here it is crucial to dither to the exact output format of the DAC.

Hey there,

The RME DAC is 32bit/768khz capable device.
From memory the RME asio driver doesn’t offer 24bit limitation.

At the moment I am using Roon with a a Ropieee RPI4/Pi2aes hat endpoint.
No drivers, no issues with any sampling or bit rate,

Just created an account to report exactly this issue, and stumbled upon this thread. Suffice to say that this problem still exists, two years later.

Thank goodness for trial periods. :wink: