Room correction

Hi, I use Jriver but I would like to change to Audirvana.
I use online filter (room correction) in Jriver (Convolution menu).
Can I use an online filter in Audirvana also?

I’m using the AU N-Band EQ plugin for room correction. It supports up to 16 parametric EQs.

I calculate the PEQ parameters using Room EQ Wizard, and enter them manually in the AU plugin settings popup.

I got it. My problem that I use waw file for online room correction in Jriver.
I measure with REW the SPL in the room and REW calculate automatically a filter (I set my target curve of course also).
This filter will be exported from REW in special format (xml) to REPHASE software. I correct manually the phase of filter and the output of REPHASE will be a waw file.
This waw file will be set in the Jriver Convolution menu as an online filter (I use this type of correction only under 150Hz.)

Question to developers:
Do you plan to improve the features of Audirvana with the on-line room correction?

If you have a mac you can use LAConvolver

It works with Audirvana 3.5.33 in my 5.1 configuration

I have to select “Configuration manuel pendant la lecture (inactif pendant la lecture DSD)”
“Manual configuration during playback (inactive during DSD playback)”
And don’t use the dark mode because you can’t see well in the LAConvoler window in the dark mode.

One mono IR file per track is required.
In multichannel, the configuration is only kept for channels 1 and 2.
I must recall a preset at each stop of playing.
For DSD files I let audirvana convert to PCM of course.

On the other hand convolution restart at each tracks unlike the previous version of Audirvana Plus which keeps the convolution works between tracks.

The gain of the LAConvolver procees could clip the audio signal,
In 32 bit float (AU stream) this is not a problem except for the DAC.
I use dpMeter XT (wich shortly mute the sound every 90 seconde without licence) to controle the crest of each channel.

For Windows I don’t know an equivalent plug in but there may be in VST.
dpMeter XT is in AU and VST.

Thank you for your detail explanation. I use Audio PC, so I need the an other solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps Room Shaper ?

MConvolutionEZ works in VST3.
It is made for reverberation FX so there is some functions we don’t needs. It also copy a lot of IR impulse files but it is free.

I have tested with a 24 bits 48kHz neutral IR stéréo file, for a 24 bits 48 kHz stéréo source file and neutral setting (Dry/wet 100%, Widenning 0%, Higpass Off and LowPass Off) in a professional software and it seems to be working.
The only differences (around -130 dBFs peak level) are probably due to rounding errors from floating point calculations as for any processing.
Not tested in Audirvana, not tested with differents sample rate, not tested with multichannels.