Short loud noise when changing tracks?

I thought I saw that somewhere on this forum before also but have never tried it.
I will try it now, Thanks Og78 for the tip.
I was always of the mindset that to bypass the software volume control was preferable if it was not necessary for operation to ensure a more direct playback signal.

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Hey, worth trying! Will also justify me not going to bed as I should be going and staying listening to some more music :grin:

Thanks for the suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here is the thread that Og78 was referring to. I am trying this solution now and so far it is working, no noise between tracks using Exteme mode. One poster mentioned that keeping the volume at full (0.0dB) the sound quality will not be compromised.
Maybe Antoine could confirm this.


Well, that solved it for me, several hours of continuos play without any issue. Thank you so much @Og78 !:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

This is something that I hope gets sorted out but I marked it as a solution anyway. If it affects the sound quality it’s such a slight thing that I can’t tell. Then again, my system isn’t ultra-super-duper-oh-my-god resolving but it’s good enough to be able to tell a very clear diference between drivers, so…


I was having the same problem, so tried the above suggestion of toggling on the Volume Control, leaving it set at zero. Seems to have worked so far, though keeping an eye – or ear – on it. I’m not detecting any change in audio quality.

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I also had success with toggling Volume Control on, leaving it set at zero. Very occasionally, I still get short bursts of sound between tracks, but it is more like once every two days, rather than every track.

This helped me: turn off the Realtime Control

MUTE DURING SAMPLE RATE CHANGE set to ON might help. also play with delay of sample rate change ( 0,5sec for example).