Shuffle Library

Hi everyone

Is there a way of shuffling the library other than creating a playlist and doing that inside the playlist. Would be a nice feature as in Roon where you can shuffle the entire library including streaming, I know we want everything great sound and every feature :slight_smile:



As things stand, enabling the Shuffle button in the player or the remote will shuffle the individual songs in the play queue. I have long wanted/asked for some means of shuffling by album so that the all of the songs in the album you have in queue play through before going on to another album. Perhaps there will be some new functionality in the upcoming Remote update.

I am looking for that, too. Audirvana needs an options like “Play/Shuffle Library” or “Play Random Album”, “Shuffle Album”. Please think about it!

Whether there is an opportunity to transfer the corrected library from my Imac to the second computer on my Mac Mini which I want to use as the musical server. Files are stored on an external hard disk?

One more vote for shuffle play. Separate shuffle for play queue and for whole library would be even nicer.

Shuffle for whole library would be GREAT!

You can…

Create a Smart Playlist with + sign

Then right click that new playlist and rename it to Shuffle or anything you want…

Right Click that playlist in the bar to edit it… add a criteria
I choose File Location… Begins with… MUSIC (you put your music folder name)

Choose to see that playlist in Tracks mode

Now all your songs are in the Playlist…
Click any song in the playlist… try a short one if you wanna see if it works :wink:
then when started you can click the Shuffle mode in the transport play at the bottom of window…
it will play all of them in shuffle…

Thanks for the tip! Will try ist out.

Hurray, it works! Except that I can‘t save the playlist.

Great advice, thanks!

there is 2 menus where you can export any playlist… you don’t see them ?

I don’t know why but I can’t export the playlist!

Hello @Sailor, can you make a screenshot of the option available when you want to export a playlist in your Audirvana?

I just choose tracks. I have just over 5k songs in my library. I just start playing one of the tracks and make sure the shuffle option is highlighted. It will then shuffle all 5k tracks. You can see in the screen shot my 5k tracks and that shuffle is highlighted. I then use my phone to skip songs.