Sorting Qobuz Favorites doesn't work

Using Audirvana 3.5.25 (3555) on a Mac and I cannot sort Qobuz “Favorites”. The sort pull-down menu does nothing in the Tracks view and isn’t even present in the Album view. (The sort pull-down menu works as expected when viewing Tidal’s “My Music”). Is this an Audirvana issue that can be fixed?


I am on Windows 10 and I have a similar issue. I can sort my Qobuz playlists by track, title, duration, bit depth, and bit rate. But not album or artist, which are two of the most important categories. I am on the latest version of Windows 10 and Audirvana (3.5.2).

Hello @Anaz and @BitPerfect,

This issue as been reported to Qobuz by another user in the forum, you can see the answer he got from them below:

Thanks for clearing that up, Damien!

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