Stops playing after 2 seconds

I installed Audirvana Studio and connected to my Hegel H120. However, after 2 seconds the music just stops. When I select another track I an hear 2 seconds before it stops. Total disappointment, what is going wrong?

Urgent help is needed since I can’t buy a license anymore for 3.5. My HiFi-set is new and I was discovering Audirvana 3.5 but haven’t yet bought a license because of the announcement of Studio and now I have a version that doesn’t work!

I have the same issue but streaming to an Outlaw 2160 mkii

@Damien there are other users with the same problem, see also: Playback stops after a few seconds

Since tomorrow my trail 3.5 will expire I don’t have a music player since Music and AirPlay is very buggy.

Since I have problems with AirPlay and Music is unusable for I URGENTLY need a license to 3.5 or a solution for Studio. This is a total disappointment and not a good start for Studio.

At this moment my set is useless for playing my collection! URGENT HELP NEEDED!

@Damien, @Damien2, @Antoine

It keeps getting worse: since I only see the spinning beach ball I tried to re-install but still the spinning beach ball!. I even used AppCleaner to erase everything but no success.

And tomorrow my trail of 3.5 expires… wish I had bought it since Studio is USELESS!

@Damien, @Damien2, @Antoine: PLEASE HELP!

How can you completely remove Studio to start from scratch? Maybe this helps?

How can I contact Audirvana management? I URGENTLY NEED A LICENSE FOR 3.5!!!

You are really vague about what’s happening.
Could you be more specific ? What works, what doesn’t, what’s your configuration (starting with general computer specs like year, ram…) when does it stop, what have you tried, maybe share a screenshot… so we can try to help you.

iMac 2019 Big Sur 11.3.1 40 Gb RAM.
When I hit play the music starts for 2 seconds, when I chose another track same problem: 2 seconds.
I tried to reinstall but that didn’t help.
Now I have removed my library and let it build up again, hope this helps.

Radio works for a few minutes and then it stops, maybe because the library is rebuilding.

For both Audirvana 3.5 and Studio ?
You are playing through your internal speakers ? You got free ram remaining on your computer ? What kind of files do you play, do you enable any upsampling, can you access the settings, did you reboot your computer / used Onyx ?

Audirvana works fine (just until tomorrow sadly).
Audirvana is connected to my Hegel H120 amplifier.
I’ve got 40 Gb of RAM.
I play m4a files and I don’t know what upsampling is.
I reinstalled Studio and at this moment it’s stil importing music. I cleared the synchronization with Music and right now Studio is rebuilding that. It’s taking some time (more than an hour) but I have more than 2300 albums.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help.

After rebuild: same problem. Audirvana Studio just keeps showing a spinning beach ball…

@Damien: please help! I urgently need a license, I can’t play music at this moment thanks to this stupid piece of crappy software. HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED!

I have the same problem except for MQA files from Tidal : they play flawlessly. It’s really weird

Installed Audirvana Studio on a MacBook 8Gb ram and as soon as I hit play get the message " Audirvana Studio quit unexpectedly ". Uninstalled then reinstalled but still happens so for this reason I am out as they say on Dragons Den. If it dose not work out of the tin then I am not interested!.

On my iMac automatic backup in Time Machine is always turned off.

This evening I retried installing but from the moment I click on a track I only see a spinning beachball. When I choose a radiostation there is no sound.

At this moment Studio is sadly unusable and I do not have acces to version 3.5.

I installed version 1.3 but the problem is still there though I can play the web radios. When I click a song mostly it play 1 or 2 seconds or sometimes 0 seconds. When I click several times sometimes the song plays but not always the whole song. When I click on an album to play I only get the spinning beach ball and AS crashes. I’ve send a crash report to support @Antoine

Version 1.4.5 still doesn’t fix the problem. Crash report on it’s way. What a complete waste of 6,99 euro. @Antoine