Studio 14.5 will not install

This evening i took a subsription for Studio, because I liked the sound quality of the trial version. I paid €69,99 (Paypal). I received a confirmation that my subscription had been activated. Then the download popup did not install. It said:

Deployment Add operation with target volume C: on Package Audirvana.Audirvana-4118-9684-d80dbb7827cd_1.4.5.0_neutral_~_q3nymrkmej12j from: (AudirvanaSetup_1.4.5.0_x64.appxbundle) failed with error 0x8000FFFF. See for help diagnosing app deployment issues. (0x8000ffff)

Can’t I just get a proper download link? Or do I have to pay again?

Check out the installation instructions:
Release note Audirvāna Studio 1.4.5

And send a mail to And no, you do not have to pay again. If you login on the Audirvana site with the account (mail address and password) you have paid/registered with and you go to ‘assistance’ (menubar on the left) you will find a button to download Audirvana Studio.

Beware… as said: you only see the page below if you log in.

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