Studio Remote Launch Date

When is the Studio remote launching?

I got an email that it’ll be launched last week but it’s not on AppStore yet.

I feel the Studio launch was rushed and pretty botched!!

Really. People still asking this? It will be available when it is ready. Patience please. :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:

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You might find an answer in the dozen of other topics asking the same question. But I can’t guarantee it.


Dozen? One thousand dozen might cover it!

That’s fine, but don’t promise something on which you can’t deliver. All it does is make your already frustrated customers more upset.

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Promises are usually (probably always) made with best intent. Unless AUDIRVĀNA STUDIO are deliberately deceiving all the clients, the “Remote Delivery Promise” would have been made within then known parameters.

When parameters change the original promise can be excused and a new promise then made. This is basic and reasonable. If the promise is not fulfilled it is reasonable to assume new parameters are in play. We wait for an update and new assurances.

The Remote will eventually show up. We are all waiting. Some waiting more patiently and less judgementaly than others.

To put it bluntly, if your standard of only promise what you can deliver we would have perfect marriages, perfect agreements, perfect world. I ask you… Does this perfection surround you? It’s definitely not surrounding me.

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Are you kidding me?? Audirvana sent an email to everyone that it’ll be launched last week. So where is it?? Stop being condescending to others!

I’m only asking what was promised!

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Don’t be so pompous!!

Why did the Audirvana team send an email that it’ll be released last week. It’s ok if they can’t stick to timelines…but don’t mislead people by sending emails and making promises they can’t keep. It looks unprofessional. The studio launch couldn’t be any worse.

I’m taking about a piece of software and you went wayyyyyy off topic and taking about marriages :joy::joy:

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Hi @padraic

Not trying to be rude or abtruse nor condescending. Just trying to clear the air.

Did you actually read my post? I explained the nature of a promise very clearly. The marriages was an example to make it easier to understand.

What’s way off topic is to keep harping on about the remote not being supplied.

Do you think they are deliberately holding the remote back just to annoy you?

It’s not quite ready. If that’s condescension then let that be so. It’s also a reasonable deduction from all that we know.

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What parameters have changed? Certainly the dev team has not communicated anything. What goes hand in hand with failing to deliver on a promise is open communication with why one is struggling and a plan to get to where one needs to be.

Don’t be obtuse - it’s obvious that we’re talking about business maxims, not interpersonal relationships or anything like that. I think we all have some level of patience but also share some level of frustration. Don’t hold yourself out as some paragon of virtue because you’re less frustrated by the situation.


You have, somewhat strangely, invoked my name in a response to someone else’s post.


The studio wasn’t quite ready but they went ahead and launched it anyway. Why rush if they are not ready?

Why send emails of imminent remote launch? I have been looking up AppStore everyday…and hence I’m annoyed because for me it’s a pain to use Audirvana without remote (I use a headless MacMini)

I can understand there are issues in building software (or anything else). But why promise and not keep it? It’s very unprofessional IMO

I have been very patient so far but now losing interest in Studio.


Hello hello hello. Business maxims? Read my posts. It reasonable to make a promise deduced from certain projections from current givens.

When those givens change, the projection likely changes … new promise due. That’s the question to ask. When will we get a new promise?

Apologies. Sometimes, not often, I’m a-getting things wrong. .

Right on. It wasn’t quite ready. Let’s Turn back the clocks?

No. Live with what we’ve got. Be patient.

Be patient, pay up front for something that doesn’t work or in the case of the remote doesn’t exist.

I understand enthusiasm for a new product, my enthusiasm died the moment it didn’t work …

JRiver just works out of the box, no frills just music !!!

And read my posts, please. Communicate with your customers. Be open about your current challenges, and they will inevitably be more forgiving.

We’re ultimately agreeing on the what’s required, I think - better and more frequent communication.

I’m in a similar boat with some recently ordered audio hardware; what should have taken 10 days to ship is now going on three months. There at least, the owner of the company detailed the problems they are having with supply chains that are out of their control, talked about steps they are taking to move things along, but most important - didn’t sign up for any “promised” date because he knows he can’t provide any such thing. Still frustrating, but at least you know where you stand and you understand the challenges the company is facing.

Anyway, now I have to get back to work so that what I promised to my customers is fulfilled. :wink:

A workaround that is obviously not as convenient as a remote, but may help for those with headless or streaming setups is RealVNC in the free version. It works very very nicely to display your desktop on, and allow you to control it from, a phone or tablet.

How do you know?
Have you been able to try the remote?
If not, how do you know that it won’t be as riddled with bugs as AS seems to be, or even completely unusable by some, as the current remote has always been?

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I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the player (which delivers great sound and a very different UI), not the remote. And I’m also quite sure many people are having a great time with Audirvana Studio. In fact, those who don’t are here already, and I don’t think that’s a big share.

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